5 vital questions to ask while looking for a professional house cleaning service

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Every year, at the same time people start planning for the annual spring cleaning that the house needs to go through. It pretty much goes without saying that there are many areas all over your home that have been neglected for several months on end. After all, the brutal winter doesn’t necessarily make things any easier when it comes down to even a basic level of cleaning. No two ways about that, really.

Having said that, one needs to make sure that they hire a professional service and not take matters into their own hands at every level. You can be sure that although you may be an expert with regard to everyday cleaning on a small scale, the concept of a thorough house cleaning is a entirely different matter altogether. Whether it is kitchen deep cleaning that you have been planning to do for months on end or any other type of deep cleaning across the board, that is a plain and simple fact.

Hence, once you hire the best professional service for the job of house cleaning, here are the top five questions that you need to ask them :-

1. Will they put a special emphasis on scrubbing the kitchen: This is probably one of the most important aspects that people forget about from time to time. Even though every part of your home needs scrubbing, it is the kitchen that needs the most attention. This is primarily because a large majority of dirt, dust and grime that has built up over the winter will be in the kitchen.

2. Their charge rate and the amount: Most commercial kitchen cleaning services out there end up charging an hourly rate. Professional companies are likely to send a team a team to your home to determine the number of hours in totality. Contrary to popular belief, this will make sure that you economise your budget to the fullest extreme.

3. Background checks and insurance: The aspect of background checks are an absolute must in every sense of the word. Even though in most cases workers are trustworthy across the board, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even the aspect of insurance is vital as this ensures that the cleaning service will cover any costs for damage.

4. Compensation for the workers: Even in today’s day and age, a lot of people fail to grasp the significance of this particular aspect. After all, accidents of all kinds can happen at any place and at any time across the board. A reputed service will undoubtedly make sure that all the needs of their workers are met in the unfortunate case of an injury. You can be sure of that.

5. The right cleaning equipment: This cannot be stressed enough. After all, no one wants a scenario where double work is being done due to derelict or inferior machinery. Not a desirable situation by any means. And this also means the most up-to-date and modern machinery available on the market of today. You will certainly need to do a bit of homework of your own to be clear about all the details in this regard.

At the end of the day, keeping the above five tips in mind is necessary for not only getting your house thoroughly cleaned, but ensuring that you give supportive feedback to the concerned service as well. Also make sure that if you have pets, you keep them out of the house till everything is sorted out.

Most importantly, make sure that you ask the company about the specific types of services that are included in the total fee. Like whether they will mop as well as vacuum the place or focus on both the first and the ground floor. Never forget that details are of the utmost importance as you know exactly where your money is going as well as the proper amount.


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