See the Light – Comparing LED, HID and Halogen Driving Lights

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If you have discovered the joy of four-wheel driving, choosing the unknown and challenging terrain over the safer, sealed alternative, then you’re not alone. Thousands of people love the thrill of hurtling through the countryside with friends and family, adrenaline pumping through their veins, and navigating through the lesser traveled parts of the country.

However, with the added driving risks such as uneven terrain, poor lighting, and no road markings, comes the additional need for top-of-the-line equipment. You need full visibility to improve reaction times and reduce driver fatigue. Investing in quality lighting above and beyond the standard vehicle headlights could be the answer. Find out how all the options stack up below for complete visibility on and off the road.


Out of all driving light options, LED light bars are some of the best, which is why thousands of people prefer to install them before they head away on their off-roading adventure. LED lights for off-road vehicles have several benefits – all of which can equate to a far safer outdoor experience.

The first benefit is lifespan. Many LED lights offer lifespans of 50,000 hours or more – which is far greater than the standard four-wheel drive headlamp which can fail at a moment’s notice. What’s more, it gives you peace of mind that for the entirety of your trip, you get to enjoy full lighting from one end of your light bar to the other.

What people also appreciate about LED lighting for their off-road vehicles is the beam. Depending on the brand, it can light up the night sky far further and broader than any standard headlamp could. It can end up feeling like you’re driving in the daytime! Considering around 50 percent of road accidents happen at night, it can be a welcome addition to your vehicle.


If you are yet to experience the benefits of LED lighting for yourself, then you might find that halogen lighting has suited your needs well in the past. Halogen lighting is one of the most affordable lighting methods – even if you have to sacrifice a little bit on durability and output.

Halogen uses an old type of technology which involves heating inside a filament to form light. Halogen bulbs tend to be more prone to breakages and don’t usually illuminate a great distance. What’s more, as a driver’s seeing distance is fewer feet as they age, halogen lighting is not going to suit as many people as, say, LED driving lights would.


HED, or high-intensity discharge lighting, is a far more effective form of light for off-road vehicles than halogen lighting. It has a high output, low current draw, and uses minimal power when you compare it to halogen lighting. What’s more, it lasts longer too and tends to be more efficient. If you replaced incandescent lamps with HID bulbs, you would enjoy up to 90 percent lighting energy savings.

HID lights use energy arcing between electrodes to create a bright light. Typically, sodium, mercury, or metal halide gas are the conductor, creating an effective, energy-efficient and vibrant light that can help guide your way.

There are several lighting options on the market which can make your shopping experience for your off-roading adventure a little trickier. However, if you focus on beam, price, and lifespan, you will see that LED lighting often comes out on top. Whatever you plan on buying, ensure you only get the best when you’re gearing up to head off-road. Any outdoor adventure can turn sour when you’re ill-equipped for the journey.

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