2023 Mid-Year Content Marketing Checkup

These months June to July, provide a great time to review how you’re using your strategies for marketing content. What’s working? What needs to be fixed? What is the most important thing to do as we move into fall?

When you complete the internal audit process, these are a few ideas and questions to consider to improve the quality of your audit program.

Remove the writers

If your inside experts or story sources need to be more proficient in writing, don’t pressure the writers to do it. Hire a professional writer to interview them. Let the professional review the data for accuracy and then allow the writer to complete the article. A handful of innovative companies collaborating with CMI have removed any writing assignments from employees and handed these to freelance writers. This saves time for employees and editing time and, in most cases, creates material that is much better than the original.

When your employees aren’t skilled at writing, don’t pressure the writers to do it, advises 

How to Hire Freelancers Who Make Your Content Better

Partner up

I am amazed that more businesses don’t collaborate with companies that aren’t competitive on content marketing initiatives and prefer to do it independently. When you partner, you contribute to the project’s costs and boost distribution. Our website wouldn’t have existed in 2010 if there had not been the five partners that helped fund and market the website.

Develop a speaker

IBM has been developing an influencer program within the company over the past few years and has been working to develop its employees into impressive keynote speakers and presenters. Every business of any size should be able to identify, nurture, and increase the number of speakers. Business events are growing, and there are more opportunities to be a speaker at occasions (and webcasts) than ever before. However, it is essential to train your speakers ahead of time to make the most of these changes.

Any company, regardless of size, must devise a strategy to identify, nurture and grow the speaking talent of its employees.

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Take into consideration a possible printing of a return.

With companies such as Airbnb and Lincoln Electric launching print magazines over the past 12-18 months, print as an art form is beginning to get hot again. There’s an easier way to cut through the murky digital data than with a high-quality, consistent printing magazine. Because your company’s management might be unable to comprehend the reasons behind this approach, it is possible to make this one of those scenarios where teaming up with a partner to reduce risks makes sense.

Cut through the clutter of digital information with an accurate, consistent print publication.

Print’s Very Much Alive: Magazine Examples From 9 Brands

Get rid of your newsletter.

When you visited a company’s blog, it typically did not have enough calls to action to prompt newsletter subscriptions. Many companies have addressed this issue and advertised some email-based offerings. However, from my experience, most corporate newsletters range from dull to a disaster. Ask yourself the following questions: Is your newsletter outstanding? Does it help? Is it geared towards a particular target market?

Your e-newsletter today is more vital than it has ever been … you have to take it seriously. It could mean you must remove your newsletter and build a new one out of the dust.

It’s possible to end your current newsletter to create real value out of the ashes.

How to Create a Brilliant Newsletter People Want to Read

Select the best option for you.

In the majority of instances, content marketing professionals are doing excessively. Producing excessive content in various ways and not achieving the results they’d like to observe. I suggest stopping things that aren’t bringing results. Spend the time and energy into something practical and then make it more effective.

Contact sales representatives

Some years ago, Xerox identified a disconnect between marketing and sales. In particular, the salespeople needed to understand they needed to learn about the content marketing strategy the team in charge of content marketing was producing and disseminating. The solution? Xerox created an exclusive content marketing program for sales professionals that was capped off with a week-long email newsletter to sales representatives that provided strategies for leveraging information that could help increase sales. Suppose your sales team needs to use your content in a way that’s their responsibility, not theirs. Could you fix it?

Join in the revolution of audio.

The article from Gary Vaynerchuk provides a convincing argument in favor of audio. Audio is the first option if I begin an online platform to reach an audience. Why? The first reason is that usage is increasing and is starting to increase. The second issue is that significant content gaps persist in audio content, unlike video and text-based content. Thirdly audio is the only type of media where the viewer can multitask.

If I were to launch a platform for content to create an audience, the audio would be the first option, as per @JoePulizzi. CLICK TO TWEETConsider these ideas.

Do you need more ideas? Here are ten suggestions to think about:

  1. Get started on creating the book you want to publish for your company. Yes, it’s an actual printed book. If you’d like to be the top expert in your field, the reader will open the way to interviews and guest posts, unexpected coverage, and blog posts that will take up a whole year.
  2. Find at least five employees not involved in marketing to be part of your content strategy for the week.
  3. Create a list of the 100 most frequently asked questions from your customers.
  4. Create a metrics-based content marketing plan for your supervisor or CEO that only includes the metrics that provide evidence for your company’s business goals.
  5. Find a way to collaborate with the top trade publication in your field in a joint content initiative.
  6. If you have the money to invest in media, look for companies in your sector suitable for acquisition.
  7. Create a customer event that doesn’t discuss your work but informs them about what’s happening in the industry.
  8. Create content that will be wholly unplanned and observe what happens.
  9. A journalist and videographer are invited to the next event in your industry and report on the occasion.
  10. Whatever you decide to do this year, tell a story distinct from the rest of your industry. It’s different from the story that is told incrementally more effectively.

We’re hoping there’s one gold-colored idea within this mix to aid you in completing your goals for 2023.


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