4 key ways to know if you need a branding agency

Here’s the thing a lot of companies don’t get – even if your brand is at the top of their game, you simply cannot afford to rest on your laurels and hope that the process will sustain itself. You may think otherwise, but that is simply not true in the case of today’s global market. If you look at the history of the tech giants and all the multi-million dollar companies, rest assured of the fact that many of them would have doubled their rebranding efforts many times over in the past. Just because they are on top of the game doesn’t mean that the rebranding process isn’t ongoing.

Hence, this proves that it is mainly your brand that keeps your business going through both the good and bad times. Because at the end of the day, the overall impression people have of your brand first hand is crucial, since opinions are rather hard to change once they have been formed. That is a fact, whether you are looking to hire a Branding Agency in London or a rebranding company by Simplify.

To clear the air of all the confusion, there are a few vital questions that you need to ask yourself. Some of them are:-

1. Define your brand image: Basically, this implies all of the previous associations that both past and current customers have made with your products and business alike. Even aspects like your customer service and communications are very much a part of the picture. Consider the idea of a brand identity survey to determine to shed some light on where your brand stands amongst the competition.


2. Figure out what your brand system is: First of all, determine whether it will be a DIY job or will you be outsourcing a service. If it is DIY, figure out how many hours will you be devoting to testing, marketing and designing. Also, make sure that the twin aspects of perspective (thinking like a customer or not) and consistency (assigning the branding responsibility to certain key employees) are taken care of.

3. Question whether your brand strategy is working the way you want: For this, surveys are the best way to figure out what your customers and audience think about you and your brand. Even find out the loyalty of your customers to your brand by finding out how likely they are to recommend your brand to a friend or a colleague.

4. Measure the pros and cons of outsourcing your branding: Measure out each of the pros and cons and then accordingly see which scenario work best for you and your service. For instance, hiring an agency can be more expensive, but it will make sure that the work is in the hands of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field ensuring that you will not have to worry about anything much.

If you have been doing a DIY job so far when it comes down to branding, well and good. But there is a limit to that as well since a great deal of time and resources is needed to make that happen. That is something that you cannot afford to overlook under any circumstances whatsoever.

Most importantly, if the results of doing a DIY job are below your standards, it is probably time for you to consider hiring a trusted and established branding agency. You also might want to take a good and hard look at how much time and money you have spent on DIY branding. Don’t ever forget the fact that your brand is worth every single penny and that a professional service will make sure of the fact that all the money from the budget is spent wisely and fruitfully.


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