5 CTA Marketing examples which will make you click

At some point in time, all of us have subscribed for something or the other. Sometimes for playing an online game, sometimes while searching for something and sometimes just to shop online. Everytime any of us signed up for something online, an employee was appreciated.

This is the employee who designs the CTA campaigns for a brand. When the Call-to-Action is really attractive and appealing, it becomes really effective too. That is when you turn into a sale. And isn’t it all that matters?

In the recent days CTA has started gaining popularity. The reason is that it appears simple to process. Pick a product, create a campaign, place in money for running ads and get sales. It might seem simple, the reality is a little different.

Any marketing campaign needs ideas and implementation. Getting ideas and creating a campaign that makes the best use of it is a task in itself. But once it happens, it is something to look at.

So, for all the marketing enthusiasts here is a list of 5 CTA Marketing examples which will make you click.

5 CTA Marketing examples which will make you click

A CTA should be simple, yet attractive. Companies which successfully convert users to sign up or buy their service using CTA have a team to work on the aesthetics. That’s where the ideas bloom.

5 such amazing examples of CTA marketing are mentioned below. Having a look at these, you can understand how beautiful can marketing be.

1. Dropbox

With their super simple CTA button, which says Sign up for Free, Dropbox had built up a user base of more than 500 million subscribers by the end of 2016. By now, the number has obviously gone up.

The whole homepage, and design of the CTA box is as simple as it could get, and still one of the most effective CTA examples. And keeping the compliments aside, why does it work so good for them?

The “Sign up for free” call-to-action button stands out from everything else on the page. This makes the user’s attention to be driven towards it. And then when you are on the page, why not also sign up for free?

2. OfficeVibe


Unlike most of the other websites and blogs, OfficeVibe use a Call-to-Action which slides in when you scroll down a blog post. The banner that slid in said that you’d be getting tips about how to become a better manager. And this came in while reading the blog post on How to become a better manager.

CTAs like this will always get you interested. To know more a user will be up for providing them with their email address. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?

The best thing about OfficeVibe’s CTA was that firstly it came in at the right time. Secondly, it made an offer which was hard to refuse.

3. Netflix

Another one of the 5 CTA Marketing examples which are hard to scroll past is the one that Netflix uses. A picture to attract viewers with a simple call to action button saying Join Free for a month.

Apart from that the text also says “Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime.” That is some sort of assurance. Brands giving such assurances sure boosts signups. Also, you too might have noticed how cleverly the CTA’s colour matches the Netflix’s logo’s colour.

4. Square

A perfect CTA design will obviously consist of more than just a button. The background colour, images on the page, and the text apart from CTA also matter when you are planning to start a campaign.

Keeping all of that in mind, designers at Square came up with a single image to show the simplicity of their product, and how easily you can use it. After that the CTA simply says “Get Started”. Digging into details, even the colour of the credit card in the picture matches the CTA colour.

5. Evernote

The message that the landing page of Evernote displays first and loud is “Remember Everything”. This simply gives the visitors an idea of what Evernote is all about. The design of the page is super simple.

The basic idea which they seem to have taken up is to make the page as simple and as meaningful as possible. Guess what? They have succeeded enough. Apart from everything, the colour of the CTA is green, just as the logo of Evernote.

The CTA button simply says Sign Up, because how more simple can it even be, right? With the amazing idea of keeping it simple, and still conveying everything that’s needed, Evernote makes to the list of 5 CTA Marketing examples which are sure to make you click.

Final words

Concluding that all of these are highly successful might not be a good idea, the ideas which these brands have used are great for sure. CTAs are important for every business which has an online presence.

If you haven’t been using any CTAs on your Blog or website, now is the time when you set it up. That is one great way of gaining more leads for your business. Later you can convert those into sales, which obviously makes money flow in for your organisation.

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