5 CTA strategies that convert the best

The whole purpose of marketing is to generate more and more leads. As fuel is to a car, leads are to a business. Higher the number of leads your campaign generates, more will be the money flow. Talking of the mediums to convert, there are a few. In all those mediums, one element stays common.

We are talking about CTA. Adding CTA to your web property can increase the Click-through rate by more than 200%. Any website looking for leads is incomplete without a CTA. But what is CTA?

In actual terms CTA is a stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem. Here, you as a business owner have to stimulate the user to take action i.e., subscribe to your newsletter or get your ebook or download an app on your blog or website.

But how to actually design a CTA strategy that works? CTA obviously needs edgy ideas. Before you finalize a CTA with the whole page, you need to make sure it is tempting for any new user. All of this needs some sort of planning and strategizing.

Considering the same, here are the top 5 CTA strategies which convert the best. Always.

5 CTA strategies which convert the best

Different marketers would have different ideas of designing a CTA. Colour contrast, background image, CTA copy, secondary text and even the size of the button matter. For sure this is something where you need to get into details.

Doing that without a strategy can be chaotic. For that reason, it is always better to look at the strategies which have a good success to failure ratio.

1. Be careful about Colour, Shape, Font and Size

Button size, the colour of button and the font that you used for the CTA copy are all some of the most important CTA elements. A CTA button which doesn’t look simple or is too tacky because of the improper use of colours or fonts will obviously be turned down by the audience.

A call-to-action button with sharp edges and dull color scheme might look appealing to some, in reality it looks like a dysfunctional button. On the other hand a CTA button with curved edges and a thoughtful colour scheme would obviously attract you to click if the content interests you.

Basically, you need to keep the design psychology in mind while designing a CTA.

2. Keep the CTA Copy’s Language actionable

The whole idea of Call-to-action is to intrigue the user to take the action which you want them to take. This action can be anything depending on your business and on your demand and design. Whatever you are aiming at the language of your CTA copy will always play a vital role.

Instead of using one word statements like Download, Submit, Enter or Subscribe use some more words to make your copy actionable.

No CTA copy particularly has to contain just one word. Some good examples of CTA copies using more than a word are as follows.

  • Sign up for Free
  • Download Free Ebook
  • Get my Ebook
  • Get more Tips for Free
  • Further Boost your Search Traffic
  • Watch Now
  • Join the Fun

All the CTA copy examples in the list above have one thing in common. All of these offer the user something.

Sign up for Free is mentioning that sign ups on this website are free. In the other example saying Download Free Ebook, the user will be rewarded with a free Ebook, and who doesn’t love freebies? Another one saying “Further boost your search traffic” is proposing the user to be able to further boost their website’s search traffic. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that? I definitely would.

The point here is that a good CTA should have an actionable language. You can’t just write a simple Subscribe on your CTA and hope to break the internet.

3. Place the CTA button at the right place

Placement of the CTA is another important factor which goes into consideration while creating a CTA campaign. It is really important to place the CTA at the right place, so it is the most effective.

Generally it is a good idea to place the CTA at the bottom of the content. For example, if the blog post is about the Best ways of driving web traffic in 2018, the CTA button at the end of the blog post can say “Boost your SEO Rankings in 7 days”.

This is just a simple example of how you can cleverly use the idea of CTA along with your Blog or website for getting more leads. Apart from all of that, Placement of CTA is one of the most important factors.

4. Create smart content

Content is the king and has always been. The key to building blog traffic, better relationships with users, generating more sales and generating more leads is creating more and more genuine and persuasive content.

If your content is smart enough to help both the reader and your business, you are going places. For that reason, content marketing is one kind of marketing which all the marketers take really seriously.

Content marketing has changed lives and has made businesses grow. This just explains how important content is while business on internet is being considered. Having said that, no matter how greatly you design your CTA, if your content is not persuasive, your webpages will have nothing but high bounce rates.

In the end, it will all just be the design that less people could see. For an idea about how to create more persuasive content, you can read this guide by Neil Patel.

5. Communicate being concise

You don’t have to be descriptive about every single detail in your CTA, the best you can do is mention whatever really matters. Obviously mentioning less might cause confusion.

For example if you create a CTA saying Download Now, there can be a confusion about what to download. On the other hand, a CTA saying Download the EBook will be a little more descriptive and short at the same time. Wouldn’t that be better?

Final words

CTA is the most important aspect of a marketing campaign which is meant to generate leads of any sort. If you think your CTA isn’t performing well, it is the right time when you start observing, analyzing and implementing whatever is needed.

And whenever you are to create a CTA marketing campaign, the strategies mentioned above will be helpful.

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