Actionable Steps to Start a Successful SEO Campaign

Online presence has become important to engage with the audience and increase business visibility. The website helps create an online address for a brand or business and connects with people globally. However, SEO optimization is instrumental in increasing the search engine ranking of the website and its visibility.

Professional SEO consultant Melbourne designs SEO strategies and campaigns that boost the growth of the business online. The consultants use a combination of on and off-page SEO to increase the website’s ranking. The SEO experts are aware of the latest search engine algorithms and optimize the website and its content accordingly.

Steps to Launch and Implement Successful SEO Campaign 

Planning and executing an SEO campaign is not easy. There are many things to consider while planning the SEO, depending on the goal of the business. The SEO campaign aims to drive organic traffic to the website and increase lead conversion and sales. The SEO campaigns are long-term strategies designed by a team of SEO experts to drive the website’s organic traffic and conversions. A well-executed campaign involves multiple components to drive targeted traffic.

Align SEO with achieving certain goals 

The ultimate purpose of SEO is to drive traffic organically to the website, which creates leads and a sales funnel. Depending on the type of business, the SEO strategy must align with the business goals.

  • For example, local SEO helps drive local business and improve its visibility on Google Maps. It creates visibility of the business in front of the target local audience.
  • SaaS business, for example, and its incorporation in SEO drives traffic through demo requests and free trial signups.
  • E-commerce business aims to create ads and adopt a range of strategies to create sales funnel for increasing direct purchases.

Improve the Website Performance 

The website’s performance is one of the deciding factors on how long visitors stay on it. You can put out the best content on the website, but crawl errors might retard its visibility. Common issues like robots.txt or no-index tags need to be fixed soon. Here are some of the issues fixed by the SEO consultants to improve site performance:

  • Identify page speed-related issues and reduce the load time to improve user experience. The ideal time for loading a page in 0.4 seconds.
  • A mobile responsive Website is a must for user-friendly access and loading web pages on a mobile phone.
  • Thorough site performance is performed by SEO consultants to understand any potential load speed issues.
  • Large images slow down the page speed. Compressing the image size or reducing file size significantly improves loading speed.
  • A thorough SEO audit improves the performance of the website. Optimize the text SEO to prevent indexing errors and ensure the XML sitemap is optimized.

Important elements for website SEO 

Here are some of the important elements for optimizing the SEO of a website adopted by expert SEO professionals.

  • Performing thorough keyword research is integral for an SEO campaign and increasing the website’s ranking. The keyword research involves multiple aspects like total search volume for all keywords for a particular topic, competition level and maximum keyword searches relevant to a topic. Use the keyword in the right density and also in the title.  
  • Focus on link building for improving domain authority. The SEO experts pitch for guest posts and outbound links to high DA websites to improve their search engine rankings. Good quality backlinks from other sites boost page rankings.
  • On-page SEO optimization – An integral part of SEO is optimizing the website’s internal elements to make it easily crawl on the search engine. It involves multiple elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, keyword density etc.

A well-strategized SEO plan is an ultimate gamechanger in improving the website’s performance and overall ranking.


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