Analyzing the Content Consumption Behaviors of the Legal Audience

We noticed an interesting trend in our second blog on the Effect of Coronavirus on B2B Content utilization. Late Spring revealed that the Legal field was the profession with the most excellent appetite for virus content and the ability to work from home. We’re profiling the Legal audience this month to find out where their needs and interests lie.

We were reminded of two things when we noticed the sudden surge in Legal activity on our platform.

Audience Explorer allows marketers to gain tangible insights into specific audience segments, such as the Legal Field. This is based on what content users register for and then consume on the NetLine platform.

The Court is Now In Session: Examining the Nuance of Legal Audience

First, choose Legal from the buyer selection dropdown menu. Then choose the United States from the Region filter. Selecting the U.S. Region as our Region will increase our content recommendations by 397,469 to 382,981 in the past 180 days.

Marketer: 7 out of 10 Trending Topics refer to subject matter that is not legal. However, I am most interested in the related topics to law.

We asked Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, MarketingProfs, a lawyer-marketer extraordinaire, to give us some context on why these topics are so in demand today. In particular, why Acquisitions lead the pack.

O’Shea Gorgone stated, “I’m not surprised to see acquisitions on the top of this table.” There are many deals available. For relatively little money, companies with deep pockets may be able to acquire extremely valuable start-ups.

For someone who has never tried to pass the Bar Exam, it is evident that 7 of 10 Trending Topics refer to subject matter that is not legal. Given where we are at the moment, let’s begin with the obvious: mobile devices.

Employees may use multiple devices to accomplish their work, even personal ones, given the increased remote work since March. Employees have used their own devices for a lot of the past decade. However, prolonged use without the protection of the office presents many challenges.

O’Shea Gorgone saw the inclusion of Mobile Devices on this List from a different perspective. O’Shea Gorgone stated, “[Seeing] Mobile Devices recalls how some agencies use cell phone data to track the movement of the population.” Local government officials may decide that people are “too far away” from their homes and halt some reopening efforts.

O’Shea Gorgone said that Mobile Devices present unique challenges and can be connected to other topics. Businesses need to adapt to a new way they operate. They have sent their workers home, as they should, but now they must ensure that they are responsible for data collection.

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