Aspiring Digital Marketers

2022 is upon us, and there is one certainty. The world will be digitalized more rapidly as technology continues to advance.

The internet is used by more than 3.9 billion people worldwide. More than 3.3 billion people use social media. This shows the potential for customers to be reached online.

The shift towards digital platforms such as online course platforms has significantly impacted how companies market their products. This has resulted in the rise of digital marketers. As a career, many people are now considering digital marketing. This is not surprising, considering that digital marketing is increasingly used by businesses to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing

Traditional colleges can teach marketing. No matter what channel you use, it is important to understand the concepts of positioning and segmentation.

You can gain knowledge of all core marketing concepts with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration. You can also take a course in digital marketing if you make the right choice.

You have the option to attend a full-time traditional business school or to opt for an online program for digital marketers. It all depends on your time. Each option has its merits and drawbacks. Traditional college degrees are immersive.

It is also time-consuming. Online degrees allow you to work at your own pace and set your schedule. An online degree may not offer the same experience as traditional university education.

It is up to you to decide whether to attend a traditional college or an online school. To learn the basics, you will need a college education.

Google Adwords Certification

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Digital marketing is largely about placing ads in the right spots on digital platforms. You can learn all about Google Adwords by taking the Google Adwords Certificate.

Google Adwords offers many types of certification. You can be certified for both search engine and display advertising. This certification is holistic, which is the best part.

You can already access all the study materials on the platform. Although the exams can be difficult, they are completely free. Failure to pass the exam will result in you being barred from retaking it.

Udemy offers help for those who are having difficulty passing the courses. You can get practice tests and study guide assistance for a small fee.

Google Analytics Courses

Google offers several analytics courses. These courses will help you analyze the effectiveness of your campaign. Analytics is a trend evident in 2019 and is likely to continue in 2020.

Digital platforms and online presence have allowed companies to access customer data to help them analyze their campaigns. The CTR of your ads can tell you a lot.

You can determine if a campaign is producing results by determining if your goal to drive traffic to your site is met.

However, you cannot analyze the data you do not have if it is not done correctly. Google Analytics courses provide this service. These courses allow you to review your campaigns and determine whether they require tweaking.

Google offers four courses for free. These courses will help you understand the different analytics tools offered by Google.

It covers the basics of setting up an account in Google Analytics and advanced topics like data collection and configuration.

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