Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe

What Is a Marketing Campaign?

Digital marketing strategy is a digital strategy that aims to promote an organization’s product or service by improving engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Marketing campaigns are a deliberate attempt to link your brand with potential customers. It could be a billboard telling drivers about a hotel nearby or the YouTube channel of an influencer talking about an item relevant to the target audience.

Specific marketing campaigns are more focused on converting (such as an article on “best video editing tools”), While others are focused on promoting brand recognition (such as a commercial on TV).

This brings us to the following question. 

What Is an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign?

Below, we’ll go over the 31 examples of marketing campaigns to demonstrate that each is unique in its concept and structure.

However, what exactly would a successful digital marketing campaign consist of?

Here are a few tips to consider when launching your marketing campaign.

Establish Your Goal

To achieve conversions, whether through a blog post, e-book, or a video that concentrates on the advanced problem, is a great solution.

If, for instance, you offer a product that is a substitute for SurferSEO, think about creating a blog post titled ” SurferSEO Alternative” because people searching for this keyword know the issue and the solution. They’re eager to purchase your solution.

However, if you’re trying to build brand recognition, consider a Podcast tour or create the YouTube channel of your choice.

Execute Swiftly

Once you’ve determined your objective and picked an approach that matches the goals, execute swiftly.

A common mistake marketers make is spending too long making something perfect instead of simply making it available. This will slow down production and can lead to a loss of growth.

For example, if you’re making a video and don’t have a professional camera, Start your initial videos with your iPhone, then upgrade to more advanced equipment once you’re sure it’s working.

The majority of your marketing efforts will take no longer than a week to be completed.

Track Your Campaign

Following the execution of your campaign, evaluate the results and determine what you could have done better.

Specific campaigns, such as SEO and blogging, can be slow initially, and you’ll need to wait for them to improve. But paid ads, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing campaigns that give rapid results will give you an idea of campaigns you should not abandon and those you must redouble your efforts on (tweak and enhance).

If you need assistance with the execution of your marketing plan, hire an experienced and reputable digital marketing company.

So, with no more ado, let’s move into the great stuff!

31 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe

Single GrainAs a highly successful digital marketing firm, Single Grain understands how crucial it is to establish SEO and branding foundations by delivering fantastic content marketing. This is why we have a multichannel strategy for content as the top priority.

Every customer has their platform of choice, be it the source of their content Twitter, Instagram influencers, Quora, Facebook groups, blogs, newsletters in emails, and podcasts… the list is endless.

The Single Grain brand is about the omnipresence of its products.

  • Our established blog teaches readers and has attracted well-known guest writers like Brian Dean of Backlinko. Brian Dean
  • Our fearless leader, Eric Siu, hosts a daily small-sized marketing podcast (co-hosted by Neil Patel) called Marketing School.
  • There is also an ongoing weekly podcast called Leveling Up and a YouTube channel. In the Leveling Up podcast, the host speaks with top entrepreneurs, and on his YouTube channel, He offers practical advice and strategies to fellow entrepreneurs, marketers as well as business leaders:

Furthermore, a significant portion of our content can be reused. For instance, we uploaded an article titled 7 SEO Tips You Need to Consider and afterward, we repurposed the video and added the video to our podcast:

 Some items can also be reused for the blog, which we update approximately thrice weekly. Every blog post is 2500 words or more, and we provide actionable advice to implement immediately to their marketing strategies.

Additionally, we conduct Facebook Lives webinars Fireside Chats, and content collaborations with companies such as Intercom, ImpactBND, interviews, and speaker events. ….

In the case of your content, you will usually get better results by updating your existing assets, like blog posts, rather than creating brand-new content.

Dive Deeper: What Is Content Decay and How It Affects Your SEO

The Lesson

Your customers’ potential customers are on the internet. However, they’re all on different platforms and responding to different types of media. Create a multichannel, multi-media strategy. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t need to create further themes for each channel. Consider the topics that did best on one track, and then repurpose the content into content to appeal to an other segment of your viewers.

Jacqueline Foster

Demand Generation Marketing, Lever. co

We can trust them to bring fresh concepts to the table frequently

Work With Us

  1. Audible

Eric has talked several times about how important it is to have product-driven growth. Audible’s latest marketing strategy is proof that they’ve caught the trend.

Like Netflix, They are also providing creators with money to make audiobooks. This means that the content can’t be found on other streaming services and is unique to them.

One of the most important points here is that Audible looked at what was happening in the parallel industry (the business of streaming video) to find inspiration. They started working with influential people and well-known actors to listen…

…or make their unique titles:

The Lesson

Growth-driven by-products can be the next phase of business as companies become more customer-centric. So, if you’re a media company, How can you make unique content? If you’re a software business, could you create accessible functions? Additionally, look out for similar industries and see what the top brands are doing to stay ahead.

  1. Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast is an American YouTuber with an impressive following of around 666 million viewers.

He is famous for completing the most extreme challenges, including being in a coma for over 50 hours, giving one million dollars to charity, and giving houses away to pizza delivery drivers.

Although these bizarre campaigns appear bizarre and out of place, they have earned an impressive following and are now a recognizable image in the field of influence.

Eric interviewed with Mr. Manager of Beast:


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