Best Social Media Marketing Tools

What are social media marketing tools?

Managing your social media marketing can be difficult at times. There are so many things to consider. Here, the use of various social media marketing tools will be of great benefit in growing your online business and online presence.

You can use different tools to accomplish your social media goals.

When it comes to paid marketing tools, you should carefully consider if its features can result in a higher return on investment.

The availability of free tools allows you to discover what features you really need before investing in expensive tools.

It is important to monitor your social media activities and see where you are most in need of help.

Understanding what you first need is important for small businesses and companies with low budgets.

Let’s now look at some of the common types of tools you can use to achieve different goals. We’ll then go over the 17 best social media marketing tools, both free and paid.

Types Of Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Engagement tools
  • Automation and scheduling tools
  • Monitoring and management tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Content creation tools
  • Content idea discovery tools

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

We looked at the best social media tools that were also free. We included some tools that had a paid premium version. However, we made sure to include only devices with a permanent free subscription.

If the tool appears on the list, then the free subscription will be sufficient for your social media marketing.

Facebook Content Studio and Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Content Studio should be your first tools to learn about Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

They are also free, and depending on your requirements, they’re enough to get started in social media marketing.

With Facebook Content Studio, you can:

  • Manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage messages and comments from Messenger Ads and Instagram

Social Media Marketing Analytics Tools

Each social media platform offers its own free web analytics dashboards that you can use to gain a better understanding of how your activities are performing on each platform.

The data you collect from these platforms will help you to create better content and reach more people. It will also help you to understand your target audience more deeply.

For example:

  • Facebook Insights (Facebook Analytics) with Facebook Pixel
  • Instagram Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • The LinkedIn Analytics Tag and the Insights Tag
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Pinterest Analytics and Pinterest Trends

These tools are also essential when you advertise on these platforms or when you want to maximize your visibility. For example, if you’re going to grow your YouTube subscribers using YouTube SEO.

Google Trends

Google Trends can be used to plan future content for social media. It is free. It can be used to find new and trending content ideas.

Google Trends allows you to use trending ideas for your social media posts instead of the old ones. Trending ideas will increase the exposure of your posts.

Please read our article to learn more about Google Trends.


Graphic design can be a time-consuming task in digital marketing. Consistency is important in social media marketing. You want to be able to create engaging and fresh content at all times.

Canva is a great tool for creating beautiful designs.

Canva allows you to create social media posts and ads, as well as all kinds of visual content that can be shared across social networks.

The extensive library of templates available for all social media platforms is a great addition to any social media team, allowing them to create content for their followers easily.

Canva can be used for more than just social media posts. You can create more engaging content by combining Canva and free images from Unsplash.

Canva currently offers a free membership with a wide selection of templates. This is why it was added to our list of free tools.

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