Best URL Shorteners for Brand Marketing

Long URLs can cause a lot of problems in a variety of ways. One of the main reasons is to manage them.

If you keep your URLs in a place to refer to them later, using long and complicated characters can be a challenge. In addition, when you share long links on social media sites, it could look like a bit of a spammer.

To combat this There are a variety of URL shorteners that can convert your long URLs to short memorable ones. They can make it easier for your readers to share your URLs without doubt.

Additionally, the majority of URL shorteners permit you to keep track of clicks/views and other information. This is a fantastic feature to use for marketing goals.

What Is a Link Shortener?

A URL shortener tool is a method that converts complex and lengthy URLs into shorter hyperlinks. Its goal is to reduce the URL address of a web page into something that is easier to manage, remember, and monitor.

If clicked, the shorter link takes visitors to the initial long URL. The tool assigns an unique identification number to the URL and saves the information in a database.

Reasons to Shorten URLs

  • Make sure the link is short and memorable
  • Cover the original link on platforms that have the character limit
  • Make use of it to monitor the public and link performances
  • Choose an attractive URL rather than an unattractive one.
  • Make sure to mark the URL with your company’s name
  • Increase your clicks and share via social media

This article has outlined some of the top URL shorteners currently available. Let’s get right in to our list.


If you’ve lived under the surface, you’re aware of that Bitly is. It’s perhaps the most well-known URL shortener and is more than that. It provides information like, who is using your links, what population it’s coming from and the source or website it was clicked from.

You can modify your links to include specific characters that match your brand. Major companies like Disney, ESPN, Amazon and Nike utilize this kind of service and you cannot fail with it.

You can start using Bitly at no cost, however there are premium plans that start at $29 per month.


With more than 100 integrations Rebrandly has a variety of functions that work from the beginning. You can place your brand logo on your links that are shortened monitor each click, and view, improve links to increase their reach, and even collaborate on your teams.

Rebrandly has more than 250,000 satisfied customers and it’s growing.

Pricing plans start at $29/month however, you can sign up for a free plan to try it by signing up for a free plan.


It is great for individuals also for groups, Blink is utilized by companies like Airbnb, Ray-Ban, and Coca Cola. It allows you to analyse and track your links and incorporate their APIs into your existing ecosystem. Additionally, you get tons of useful resources to set up your system to get the best outcomes.

It’s simple to scale it to the next level, since it allows you to pay for features you require at the moment and then upgrade at a later date. The best thing with this system is that it comes with an IOS application as well as an IOS app and a Google Chrome extension so you are able to access it from different ends.

In the end, it’s crucial to point out that they provide high-end security for enterprises as well as compliance and therefore all your data as well as everything else is always secure.


Like the name implies, TinyURL makes your links less long and more memorable, for free. It is easy to utilize their URL box to input your lengthy links and press the button to start working, without having to register.

It also includes an integrated browser toolbar, so you can reduce links faster. It also works with all the top browsers on the market.

It’s not the most advanced in terms of features, but it performs its primary job well. If your goal is nothing more than shortening just a handful of hyperlinks the TinyURL service is ideal for the job. Absolutely nothing more, absolutely nothing less.

If you’re using Hootsuite and you have Hootsuite, you can utilize the URL shortening service. It was previously thought to be available to all however, due to security issues the service is now available only to access it through your Hootsuite dashboard.

It’s not that it makes it any more difficult, as you can start using it with no cost, and then continue using it at free. It lets you cut links quickly to measure traffic and prove the ROI of social media.

There are many more features you can get access to if you opt for the paid plan. Be assured that is extremely user-friendly and you’ll have no issues figuring out how to use it.


You can track, shorten and manage URLs using Tinycc. It allows you to view the number of new as well as. return clicks the country of origin, the browser employed, and various other information. In addition, since you must sign up and establish an account, you’ll be able to examine your link history and control them through tags, filters, and so on.

It also gives you the option to make links shorter with your brand’s name, or a your own domain name, which is very cool and helpful. This service is absolutely free but there’s an upgrade plan you may want to check out. It offers additional allowances and features. is not only a URL shortener, but can also function as a threat intelligence tool to enhance the integrity of websites. When you create links using this service, it will analyze them for spoofing fraud and shady activities, ensuring users to stay safe from risks.

Since hackers are extremely sophisticated in the present, carefully directs each link to determine if it has any suspicious content, phishing or fraud risk.

It will keep you those who will click these links safe and safe and. The service is completely available for free therefore, go ahead and explore it.


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