A Win- Win Advertising — a Digital Signage Booth and Peppy Brand Marketing!

Thinking of a rock-solid advertising technique? Come — let us share with you some pearls of great marketing! If you have an exhibition happening soon or there’s a flash sale in a large mall or simply a corporate event happening, just install a signage booth advertising your brand there! Sounds awesome already, isn’t it? You obviously are aware of what signage booths are! They are those attractive blingy billboards that often greet us each time we are walking in a mall or the one at the entrance of an exhibition. But have you even imagined that it can be the best kind of marketing tool for any brand?

How Signage Booths Can Be a Classic Advertising Technique for Your Brand?

Advertising is of utmost importance for every brand. And that is the reason you always spend thousands on those captivating posters, eye-catching articles, catchy jingles on the radio, and even for attractive advertising on television. But one of the most cost effective yet exclusive ways of marketing is creating a digital signage booth through the best signage companies. In Adelaide, The Weather Maker has professionals who are masters in digital-signage. They can help you create a fabulous impact on your customers through their fantastic graphic design and best in class digital signage boards.

  • Display the brand promo videos — We aren’t denying the magnificent effect of static digital signage. But when this is replaced by a video, the effects can be beyond reachable! Just add some speakers to the booth and let your brand video go on loop. And the rest is history! Everyone in the vicinity would see some part of the video and thus your message reaches a huge cross-section of people! (Quick tip— In the light of the pandemic situation, you could play behind the scenes video of your precautions or your super hygienic packaging procedure, etc. also in addition to that promo video – it would build trust in these trying times.)
  • List the available services and products —You always have a poster displaying a list of things you offer or sell. But if the same list is put on a digital signage board with bold stunning but clear fonts, everyone will surely be attracted to read all of it.
  • Showcase testimonials— Reviews reflect a brand’s true conduct. And when you put these up proudly on your digital signage booth, you are surely giving a reason for the crowd to trust your brand and consider you the next time.
  • Highlight brand’s contact info — Your brand’s contact info helps your customers to reach you quickly. And you can give your contact details in a captivating, colourful way to your viewers by highlighting it nicely on the digital signage booth.

So, isn’t a digital signage booth a flamboyant way to grab your customer’s attention and leave a mark on their minds? Then don’t delay in grabbing this idea and be the best in marketing your products! 

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