Five CX Speakers to Follow in 2021

A business has employees, a great logo, and a solid marketing strategy. You need to create and sustain customer loyalty to be alive.

Even the most promising company is likely to fail without a loyal fan base. Companies should make customer experience (CX) a priority.

Many teams need to execute CX with style, panache, and thoughtfulness. Do you need help with how to enhance the flow of your CX? Learn from the successes and failures of CX speakers and experts.

Follow these 5 CX Speakers

These CX experts and influencers will show you how to build deeper, more lasting customer relationships. They are passionate about CX. They are not afraid to share their crazy marketing and selling skills.

Brittany Hodak is Chief Experience Officer at

It’s one thing to have customers. But it’s quite another to have superfans.

Hodak is the Chief Experience Officer at and helps brands build deeper relationships with their customers. Hodak does this by identifying all client touchpoints with a company and then attempting to optimize each step of a customer’s journey.

Hodak spent decades studying how customers become brand evangelists. This effectively makes them unpaid cheerleaders within their circle of influence. Through a series of mini-series on superfans, she shares the lessons learned.

Co-founder of The Superfan Company is she also. This multimillion-dollar agency counts Walmart, Amazon, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry among its clients.

Jeannie Walters is the CEO and Founder of Experience Investigators

Jeannie Walters, a self-professed CX speaker, has made her a star. The Tedx talk on micro-intentions will have you think and inspire your next brainstorming session.

Walters’ unique perspective in the CX space is her careful customer journey analysis. Walters has over 20 years of experience in CX. Walters can offer a refreshing view. Walters brings humor and her brand of realism to the table.

Walters is a trusted CX authority if you prefer to avoid dealing with customer turnover. You can listen to her Crack the Customer code podcast for regular inspiration.

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