Five Ways CMOs Can Tidy up Their Marketing – Marie Kondo’s Way

You’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo or her TV series “Tidying up” on Netflix unless you live under a rock. The show features a different person struggling with clutter in their home.

Marie helps the “find joy” people who are messy to get rid of their clutter. Marie is a part of or even a leader in the movement toward a simpler lifestyle.

What would Marie Kondo say if she walked into the office of your CEO and asked them if their Marketing Strategie work brought them joy?

Panicking and the urge to update your LinkedIn profile and resume may be the result.

I feel your pain. Chief Marketing Officers don’t have a great time at work this day. One thing is sure: Top marketing professionals aren’t bringing joy to their bosses due to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

I am using Marie Kondo’s Konmari method to inspire me. Here’s a list of five ways CMOs can bring joy to their bosses and themselves.

CMOs are having a difficult time.

A surprising number of well-known brands saw their marketing roles changed last year.

Spencer Stuart’s study, “2018: The Year of the CMO Shuffle”, explores many possible reasons.

Misalignment of the CMO and CEO on the mission and timeframe for the marketing strategies

It is unrealistic to expect the CMO will be able to inspire creativity and logic in a changing organizational culture.

Insufficient time to establish priorities for the CMO

These are steps to help you “declutter” your issue.

“Does this role bring me joy strong>The marketing industry is constantly changing. It is essential to ask yourself if your industry brings you joy.

Deloitte published a 2014 study on the role passion plays at work. 88% of employees don’t find joy in work. Worse, 88% of employees don’t find joy in their jobs. The report also found that 80% of senior managers feel the same way.

It won’t be easy to motivate your employees, and your boss, if you and your senior managers aren’t finding joy in the work. This is the first step to decluttering your position as CMO.

Respect is a vital principle of the Konmari method. Your socks and stockings should be folded in a specific way.

Kondo explains this in her book. They are on holiday when they are in your dressing room.

They take a beating every day and are trapped between your feet and your shoe, where they endure pressure and friction to protect their precious feet. They have no other option but to spend their time in your drawer.

Your company’s success is dependent on the way your customers are treated. Modern customer journeys are not linear. They can span hundreds of touchpoints. Your customer expects seamless experiences across all touch points. Your brand interaction should be smooth. It should feel like they are on vacation.

Kondo suggests using the Konmari method to clean your houses at once.

It only takes a quick Google search for the comments to find these snarky comments. However, implementing content market automation will make your job easier. Many tools can help you save time, money, and effort.

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