Goals and Challenges in Digital Marketing?

Every business has its digital marketing challenges and goals. To achieve ROI, you must meet these goals and overcome those challenges.

Our Digital Marketing goals change as we consider external and internal factors. These are key to finding your way and driving results.

The Key Takeaways

Digital marketing goals often focus on customer acquisition, new leads, and brand awareness.

Your company’s goals will determine how you define your goals.

To make goals achievable, they must be precise and quantifiable.

Digital marketing challenges can be both internal and external.

The most critical concerns for digital marketers are technology, talent, scaling, innovating, and technology.

Digital Marketing Goals: What should they be, and how can you meet them?

Your strategy should include setting goals for digital marketing. These goals will evolve as your company’s overall objectives. They should be aligned.

What are the best goals for your company? How can you set them up?

What are Digital Marketers Saying About It?

Gartner’s 2021 Digital Marketing Survey asked CMOs and other marketing leaders to share their views.

The main goals were to increase lead quality, increase sales among identified leads and general brand awareness, and acquire new customers.

As you can see, the main focus has been on new customer acquisition, and it’s staying the same across organizations.

Retaining existing customers is the most expensive, which may seem counterintuitive. It can be 5x more expensive to acquire customers than to keep them. The success rate in selling to existing customers is much higher than those who accept them.

Similar results were found in another survey from Prophet, which was published on MarketingCharts.com. Priorities included:

Acquiring new clients.

Increasing share of spend and revenue.

Launching new product lines.

Developing a brand reputation.

Increasing brand awareness.

This survey shows that businesses place a high value on acquisition and upselling. It also indicates their awareness of the potential revenue from retention.

Are there more specific digital marketing goals?

Gartner’s survey focuses on the big-picture goals of marketing organizations. It might be easier to achieve goals if your goals are more specific.

These goals must be aligned with the overall company plans and objectives. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t launching new products. You might also be looking to expand into other markets.

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