Google Analytics & Search Console Data Never Match – And Here’s Why

  • Find out why Google Analytics and Search Console data are not compatible and you’ll notice discrepancies in the data that is reported.

Google Analytics and Search Console data don’t match.

The difference can give an impression that the information needs to be corrected.

The truth is that the information is precise. There is a gap between what is being tracked and how Google selects to show the data.

Google Analytics Versus Search Console

Conciliating Google Analytics and Search Console data can be challenging since the numbers don’t coincide.

The reason for this is that each service is solving distinct issues. This is why both have different approaches to how data is gathered and presented.

Purpose Of Google Analytics

The information offered through Google Analytics is designed to show how a website performs in terms of metrics for engagement of users (time on the page and so on. ) and reporting goals related to conversion and displaying website visitor activities on the site on its own.

Standard reporting methods include:

  • Analytics can monitor performance objectives, like leads or purchases.
  • Provides live website traffic information.
  • It includes session quality data to demonstrate how close it is that traffic converts.
  • The behavior of users on the site.

Essential to know regarding the information that Google Analytics provides Google Analytics is that it measures the performance of the site (in terms of visitors to the site).

While Analytics gives feedback on web page performance, the report’s primary purpose is about site visitors and what users of the site do.

The Google Analytics overview page is a reflection of the attention paid to the web user:

“Get a better understanding of your clients. Google Analytics gives you the free tools to analyze data to improve your business all from one location.

Learn about your website… visitors to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising, content products, and more.”

The primary purpose behind Google Analytics is vastly different from Search Console because Search Console is focused on the performance of websites about search visibility.

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Purpose Of Google Search Console

The information provided by Search Console is designed to aid web admins in determining how their websites perform within Google Search.

Search Console also provides search and indexing information that is beneficial in resolving problems that affect the visibility of searches.

Differently, Search Console provides a method for Google to communicate proactively with publishers regarding issues related to search visibility, such as manual action (penalties) and compromised status, poorly constructed information in a structured format, problems with mobile user experience, and many other relevant information that can help publishers keep their search visibility at a high level within Google search.

Additionally, the Search Console provides a means for web admins to solve localized language issues and create a website-wide goal for countriesdisavow inbound hyperlinks, and perform other tasks geared towards increasing search visibility.

The Google Search Console Help page provides the following data details:

  • Check to see if Google can locate and crawl your website.
  • Find the indexing issue and request indexing for new or revised content.
  • Check out Google Search traffic data for your website: the frequency with which your website appears within Google Search, which search queries highlight your site, how often users visit your site for those questions, and much more.
  • Get alerts whenever Google discovers problems with spam, indexing, or other issues with your website.
  • Display the websites that connect to your site.
  • Troubleshoot issues with mobile usability, AMP, and various Search features.

The main reason Search Console and Analytics data differ is the function of each is distinct – they accomplish different things.

Search Console And Analytics Discrepancies Explained

Since both services serve different goals, Google Search Console and Analytics can combine data in various ways because their reports will differ and appear as a difference.

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