How can brands stay human with intelligent tools on the rise?

Marketers have many options to communicate their messages at scale with chatbots, marketing automation, and machine learning, thanks to the proliferation of chatbots and marketing automation.

We have reduced our human capital, and data is changing our business.

However, should machines be able to replace human beings? How can brands use these tools while keeping humans at the center of their branding?

The Connected Consumer

Connected consumers are just marketing jargon.

It’s not only millennials that infiltrate the internet.

Over half of the world’s population, 5 billion people, now use smartphones.

Mobile phones now account for more than half the web traffic in the world.

Over 1 in 5 people worldwide have made online purchases in the last 30 days.

Source: Digital in 2017, Global Overview by We Are Social

What do connected consumers want?

They are okay with intelligent tools like chatbots but want seamless online and offline experiences.

If the chatbot isn’t working, the company wants a human to step in immediately. This is a significant disconnect in companies that use AI. They believe machines can replace humans, but consumers need more time to be ready for that leap.

Marketing with Intelligible Tools

These intelligent tools include automation, competitive Intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and other things. They are used in marketing, chatbots, and other advertising and social algorithms.

AI & Machine Learning were the #1 marketing activity marketers believed would significantly impact their businesses last year.

AI is more likely in high-performing marketing teams than in lower-performing ones.

57% of marketers who use AI say that it is essential to increase contact with prospects and customers.

Here are a few places where you can get your feet wet.

Chatbots are available for customer service and sales tasks

Automation and optimization in advertising

Personalization of content (IMO, you should already be doing it!)

Intelligent Tools + Humans

Panera is an excellent example of an online-offline seamless brand that does it right. It’s not surprising.

Panera makes ordering easy by allowing customers to choose from three options.


With a person

Touchscreen in-store

Panera’s website allows you to choose your table. SWEET!

This is a beautiful example of intelligent tools being used to improve efficiency but not at the expense of offering consumers choices.

There are many other ways to keep your human in your intelligent tool loop.


Transparency is key! Be transparent! Make sure they know they can chat with humans instead or when and how human service is available.

Chatbots make it easy to get your hands on the AI waters!

Social Listening

Let a social listening device (such as Sprout Social) do the heavy lifting. It’s wise to let machines do the heavy lifting. What’s smarter? Let the engine generate data that will help you make better decisions.

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