How to Build a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy that Increases Brand Awareness

By implementing a well-designed word-of mouth (WOM) advertising strategy, companies are able to organically expand their reach and market their products.

There are thousands of ads each day, and when they are forced to decide on a purchase most often, they choose the one that their family or acquaintances suggested.

Based on Semrush According to Semrush, 60% of marketing professionals believe it to be the most effective marketing strategy. Word-of mouth marketing can result in up to five times higher sales than ads paid for.

These are the main reasons why that more businesses are becoming interested in this method of marketing. Read on to find out how to design a winning strategy to promote your brand’s WOM.

What Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Word-of mouth marketing involves actively influencing to encourage organic word-of-mouth discussions about a product or brand. In simple terms, marketers attempt to make something that is that is worth talking about, in order to get people to discuss it.

Prior to making a purchase, consumers want confirmation from trusted sources, such as family members, friends, and even colleagues. This strategy is designed to establish the chain to increase referrals which continuously increases sales and traffic for the company.

Word-of mouth marketing and natural word-ofmouth references differ. In WOM marketing the reference is usually the result of a business’s campaign or promotion.

A few examples of WOM marketing include sharing with others either personally or through social media about the latest recipes using tomato ketchup or being impressed by the unique way of serving food in the restaurant.

Furthermore, this kind of marketing does not stop there. It continues with an entire series of interactions. The role of a company is to motivate people to speak typically by providing the reason.

Types of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

#1. Publicity

The most popular and natural type that WOM marketers use. This kind of marketing focuses on increasing the visibility of your brand and making more people aware of the services you provide.

#2. Buzz or Viral Marketing

The goal of this WOM marketing is to create buzz around products or offers. Businesses spark conversation on social media and in private circles by creating the popular promotion (or campaign).

#3. Blogging and Online Marketing

Another form of word-of-mouth marketing is via blogs and videos. Self-published content can be used to facilitate conversations on forums that allow customers to are able to talk with each other about their experiences.

#4. Social Media Marketing

Since word-of mouth marketing can reach consumers both online and offline as well, social media is an extremely popular way to advertise this type of marketing. It lets you connect with your target people and also integrate other types of content in this channel.

Companies should make use of their social media channels in order to reach the highest amount of users. There are a variety of tools for social media calendars to plan your postings.

#5. Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing utilizes emotions to influence customers. The type of word-of-mouth marketing is typically image-based and built on current news or recent events.

#6. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one type of marketing called WOM that provides incentives for the promotion via the power of word-of mouth. It’s a great method to motivate existing customers to give their opinions and opinions with other customers.

Importance of WOM Marketing

In any marketing plan word-of mouth should play an important role. It is because the word of mouth of a satisfied customer could influence a group of potential customers to buy the product that they were referred to.

The more you influence them to give an offer, the greater the chance you will have an increased number of customers. The significance of WOM marketing can be summarized as the following:

Promote Products

You could be advertising your product through various ways, both offline and online. However, none of them can be as efficient in the same way as WOM marketing.

It’s real people talking about your brand and products and brand, therefore it doesn’t appear like a typical advertisement to the public. However, it will have an impact that is more positive on your prospective customers.

More Sales and ROI

Businesses can increase leads or traffic through this FMO strategy for marketing however, in order to turn these leads into customers and generate greater sales they require WOM marketing. People trust reviews from people they trust. This is why this strategy of marketing will help you reach your goal of revenue and sales.

Build Brand Trust

The process of making a customer feel confident in your brand isn’t easy. Building relationships takes time as well as one-time purchase are typically far from the sole thing that a company is seeking. Word-of mouth marketing can guarantee the trustworthiness of your business to potential customers. Once trust has been established, it is possible to maintain the relationship.

Build Customer Loyalty

As adding new customers to your existing customer base is becoming increasingly difficult and costly companies are more focused on their loyal customers. With a large number of satisfied customers who actively promote your products, it is easy to get more new customers who are committed to your company.

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