How to build deeper customer relationships with automated email nurturing

Email automation removes tedious tasks from your team’s plates and allows you to spend valuable time on mission-critical activities like answering customer queries and improving your product. How? You can communicate the right message to the right person at the right time without any manual input.

“Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to communicate with customers, build trust, and increase brand recognition and sales.

This page will cover everything you need to know regarding email automation. Its benefits and how you can get started. First, let’s clarify what email automation is.

What is Email Automation?

Marketers need to be able to communicate with their customers and prospects. Email is one way to do that. Email automation is a robust strategy businesses can use to communicate effectively with prospects and customers, educate them about the brand’s offerings, and encourage them to return for more.

Email automation consists of pre-written emails sent to individuals when they perform a specific action. A subscriber might get an email when they sign up for the seven-day trial of your product. Automated email campaigns can be designed to target audience segments based on their past sales and preferences.

Email automation improves the relevancy and quality of your messages, which in turn contributes to a more personal customer experience. This is something that virtually every email marketing tool can do today.

Email Automation: The Benefits

Email automation offers many benefits, including the following:

More personal customer experience

Customers adore personalization. They expect it. These impressive statistics back up this assertion:

71% of customers feel frustrated when they have an unpersonalized experience with a brand

70% of millennials are frustrated by brands sending them irrelevant emails

Personalized experiences are preferred by 80 percent of consumers.

91% of consumers will shop for brands that offer relevant offers and recommendations.

Digital businesses invest 89 percent in personalization

Personalization is a critical component of customer relationships for 98 percent.

Email automation is an essential part of any personalization strategy. Automated campaigns deliver real value and drive actual results.

Spend more time on mission-critical tasks

Automating your marketing keeps the quality of your customer experience high. Automated email marketing allows you to do more.

For a more flexible marketing strategy, let’s suppose your marketing team creates and schedules email messages one at a. What happens if your audience increases by 10%? That could be manageable. What if the number of employees doubles or triples? You could quickly become overwhelmed and your service quality will plummet.

Email marketing is now more scalable thanks to automation. It’s easy to set up automation and configure triggers. Each time someone completes a targeted action, they receive the appropriate emails.

Get Started With Email Automation

Are you ready to get started with automated email marketing? These tips help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

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