How To Choose An SEO Company & Find The SEO Agency Right For You

Ask for SEO case studies & client examples

Ask for examples of website optimizations and keywords rankings that these websites have achieved. You should be looking for current examples and websites that show good progress, not one year ago. However, some companies might not be able provide data due to client confidentiality.

However, it is important to remember that the more recent case studies an SEO Company gives you, the less relevant they may be in indicating that the company has a good grasp of current SEO trends.

Ask for case studies that are related to your primary strategic goal. Although it is helpful to see examples of similar businesses, this doesn’t make the case as important as seeing sites with the same goal conversion.

If you are an eCommerce company with the ultimate goal of online sales, then the case studies that you receive should be tailored for eCommerce companies with similar product catalogues.

Ask for examples if your website doesn’t sell directly but generates incoming leads.

Realize that results can take many forms. When looking at results it’s important to be aware of the metrics being presented to you, or highlighted as a demonstration. The Seo services in Auckland may be focusing on rankings and not addressing the bigger picture.

Rankings and traffic are important indicators of SEO performance, but increased conversations (aka sales and/or leads) should be your primary goal. Client confidentiality can be a problem if they don’t have access to sales data, but they should be able at least to share percentage growth.

Look beyond SEO

Companies focused on conversions and sales as their key performance metric will likely have skills in Conversion Optimization. Conversion Optimization, which is the process of improving your website to increase sales and leads, is done once you have a healthy site. This is a crucial component of any advanced SEO campaign. It makes sense to make sure the company you choose has a track record for increasing sales percentages from incoming traffic. Read 11 ways to increase your conversion rate.

A campaign’s conversion rate optimization usually involves AB testing headlines, button copy, color/element placement testing, and testing landing pages. There are many conversion rate optimization platforms, including Google Optimize (a free CRO/AB testing tool).

Realize There Are Risks With a Low-Cost SEO Agency

Choosing a low-end SEO company is risky to lower your SEO costs. You should be aware that you will not see results and the SEO company could cause long-lasting damage and even irreparable harm to your domain and website. The results may not be what you expect, but the wrong company can cause long-term damage to your business by using poor content and link building techniques.

If you can, visit the SEO Company

OuterBox welcomes clients to visit our office to meet the team. Any company who claims to be one of the top SEO companies should welcome you to their office.

You are choosing an SEO Company as an extended partner in your company. Chemistry is important. Your ideal business partner will be able to connect with you and your goals.

Even if it’s just for a first meeting, meeting in person can help you establish a strong relationship, give you peace of mind, and allow you to feel that you have made the right choice. A team should include multiple specialists, not just one or two SEO people. OuterBox typically has more than 10 people who will be involved in each SEO client’s project. This is because experts are needed in many areas, including content development, link-building, landing page creation and design, as well as technical SEO.

So, go visit. Ask for the tour. Get to know your team members and find out their roles. This will make it easier to make a decision. You’ll also be more successful in building relationships with that company if you choose them.

SEO Guarantees (Watch Out!)

A common saying that “if it sounds too good for it to be true” is most likely is. A search engine optimization expert will tell you that there is no way to predict where your website will rank in search engines once optimization has been completed. Search engines don’t reveal how they decide which website is best, so it is impossible to predict what ranking your site will get. You should check out our article Guaranteed SEO Rankings.

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