How to convert website visitors into engaged leads

This website receives free traffic every day through content marketing. Michael Brenner regularly posts new blog content 2-3x per week. He generates about a few thousand visitors each day, almost a billion page views annually.

What happens after Marketing Insider Group receives that traffic? How can Michael turn them from being website visitors into engaged leads?

Everyone wants a high-converting funnel. It is rightfully so. It automates your sales and lead generation process. It allows you to capture leads, sell products, and schedule appointments. You can also host webinars online.

This is a challenging task. It needs to be more than just adding a form to a webpage and expecting someone to complete it. A strategy that builds trust is critical to creating a high-converting funnel. It’s almost as if you are starting a new relationship or dating.

Imagine asking someone completely random for their email address. You’ll first need to decide if this stranger is your ideal client. Is this your perfect client? What will you offer them in return for their email address?

Once you have a strategy, you can build relationships and capture leads. There are some steps that you should take. This post will share the lessons I have learned as a lead generator specialist for Marketing Insider Group and other clients.

Avoid using a fake email address.

Fake email addresses are a significant problem in sales and marketing. This can damage your email reputation, make you a waste of time, and cost you zero dollars.

When creating a funnel strategy, you must make a compelling and attractive offer for your opt-in page. Your bid must be valuable.

You will want your lead’s email address in return for your promises. This is part of building trust early in the relationship.

Here are some ways to get an email address. Please give them a guide, tool, workbook, or training. No matter what you choose, ensure it is full of value.

Michael uses a mix of lead magnets, such as his ROI Cheatsheet and Ultimate Content Market Guide. We also use the Employee Activation guide.

I suggest creating multiple offers to different audiences and levels.

Do More Than Say Thank You

After you have captured the lead and obtained an email address, the next step is to continue the conversation. Also, do not just create a thank you page at the end of the funnel.

This page will provide additional information about your company or services. Provide solutions to any problem they might be having — but be humble.

Keep their attention as long as you have it. If they are interested in a product, you can offer to sell it. You can also ask them for a consultation or to take a quiz about their problems.

To make your point, use the headline copy. Only a few seconds are available. Use your time wisely and avoid making small talk.

Use video to illustrate your points. Some people don’t like to read. Some people prefer to listen and watch.

Start to set expectations for your relationship. How will you improve their business, solve a challenge, or make an impression?

Keep going with each step of your funnel. There is no set number of pages that your funnel should contain. Keep in mind, however, that every page of your funnel must be solution-based if you are to convert.

Do not use technical terms or list out features on the page. Instead, use stories and real-life examples to highlight the benefits of your service or product. It is a good idea also to include testimonials. This will provide social proof that your lead can take the next step in your funnel. Consider adding a money-back or satisfaction guarantee.

A successful funnel addresses every customer’s objection and overcomes them with copy, images, and clever sales techniques.

There are many page builders that you can use to create sales funnels online. The most popular include Clickfunnels and Leadpages.

These programs allow even non-tech-savvy people to create a sales funnel within hours.

Follow up with an email.

After you’ve created your lead generation funnel, remember to do email marketing.

Don’t abuse the privilege of having an email address. Please do not send them too many emails or overload their inbox. Could you not send them emails asking for sales?

You have the opportunity to “wine with” your leads through emails. You can tell them about your business and invite them to join you for a webinar. Keep sending emails showcasing your expertise.a

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