How to improve recruitment with employee advocacy

If employees use their enthusiasm and networks to spread the word about open positions and the company’s positive work environment, they will get the attention they seek.

What is the challenge? It isn’t easy to find skilled talent.

It is a fact that today’s jobs require highly skilled skills, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified talent.

A comprehensive Korn Ferry report found that more than 85 million jobs will be unfilled by 2030 due to a shortage of skilled workers. In today’s specialization age, finding the right person for the job can be difficult.

Where is the best place?

One common resource that is often overlooked in a company is its employees. Particularly when it comes to your employees. Your company’s most valuable Human Resource is often the workforce. They know your company better than anyone, they know what it is like to work there, and they can identify the right people to fill the specific roles.

Your employees are your most excellent resource.

Employees indeed share 8x more engagement with content than content posted on company channels. People are the best!

Trust content that is from a trusted source is essential for talent recruitment.

People listen to those they know. It’s that simple.

A trusted employee will have a network that contains many potential candidates. On average, 10x as many followers are in a comprehensive employee network as in a company webpage for your brand.

Employees are happy to tell others that the company is hiring and that they feel it is an excellent place for work. Employees will share positive experiences with their network if they are happy with the work environment and the people they work with. These networks are often where the best candidates are found.

These elements can be combined on a platform that allows for Employee Advocacy. Employees will become ambassadors for the company and help to find qualified candidates to fill the positions.

Reaching out to peers can create a link to the talent pool, often more substantial than a general “help wanted” posting.

It makes perfect sense. If you are looking for a graphic artist, the skilled designer in your company will likely know other visual artists and include them in their network. Your existing executives will probably have qualified candidates in their LinkedIn or Twitter networks if you’re trying to hire a high-ranking executive.

This is a natural connection that can be supported by the fact your current employees can endorse your company. They will be believed by their friends when they tell them it’s a great place to work. This is more than any company page.

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