How to Measure and Set Your Content Marketing Goals

It’s about more than validating your strategy to all stakeholders. This is the only way to improve your content marketing strategy and make it more effective for business goals.

You may need the right metrics to make better decisions. Knowing where your content marketing is advancing your business goals and where it is not will help you turn your content into a powerhouse that drives business growth. You know what your content can do.

Your metrics will tell your content’s story, showing where and how well it works. It is marketing metrics that will show the impact of your strategy on business growth.

Only with the right metrics can you tell the difference between the potential and the content that is helping to get your organization closer to its goals.

You could be in serious trouble if you use the wrong metrics. Your content marketing reporting may be misleading you, going in the wrong direction, spreading too much of it, or stopping it from growing because it’s missing opportunities.

How do most content marketers measure up?

You are one of many having difficulty evaluating the value of your content marketing. Only 39% of marketers think they are most successful in tracking ROI. Only 8 percent claim they are highly successful.

Sixty-five percent of B2B marketers need help determining what content is most effective.

There is still a lot to be done. This also shows that your ability to measure and track your content may be a critical competitive advantage. Most content marketers don’t have the right marketing metrics, despite all of the technology available.

About 46 percent of B2B marketers, or less than half, believe their marketing metrics align with their content marketing goals. Marketers often need to track the correct metrics.

How can your analytics be aligned with your goals and support a goal-oriented content marketing strategy?

It starts with establishing your KPIs and then digging in to find the ones most important for your company. Many marketers rely on general marketing metrics but fail to understand the most important for their business.

“It doesn’t matter what MY most important content metric is; the real question is which key performance indicator is most important for your business?

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