How to optimize your email marketing conversions

There is one way to communicate with your customers in an age of digital communication, constant pings and dings, and notifications that are almost entirely ignored. It’s email marketing campaigns.

Consumers, regardless of their age, gender, and life experience, have trouble letting emails go unread, mainly if they are personalized. In short, we just can’t quit email.

How can you optimize your email marketing to convert more customers? Here are four examples of emails you can use to increase your KPIs in your company. Let’s get started.

Refresh: What is an email marketing campaign?

Before we get to the examples, let’s refresh our memory: An email marketing nurturing campaign is a series of emails used to communicate with potential and current customers.

Email marketing campaigns must have a goal.

Email campaigns that are well-crafted and optimized for conversion are a critical component of any inbound marketing strategy.

Four Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns that Convert

Here are four email marketing strategies that will convert readers at any sales funnel stage.

The Educational Campaign

Sometimes, a lack of knowledge can be the difference between a prospect who needs to be sure and a loyal customer. A well-designed educational email marketing campaign can fill the gaps and address concerns. It can also alleviate pain points and reassure your audience. It also delivers real value, demonstrating your industry authority and commitment to your customers.

Let’s take an example as an illustration. Imagine that you own a painting business. A PDF download, such as How To Apply Paint Like a Professional, has attracted many leads. Now you can design an educational email marketing campaign to continue to satisfy these prospects’ desire for value. A series of emails might be written that provide additional painting tips, teaches readers how to prepare their walls for paint, and warns them about the dangers of DIY painting.

This information shows that you are an industry expert and care about the quality of your work.

Personalization Campaign

Personalization is key to email marketing. Interestingly, 71% of consumers feel frustrated if their shopping experience doesn’t meet their needs. Emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to get opened.

Make a campaign to encourage readers to choose the products and updates that are most important to them. If you have an online clothing shop, allow customers to opt-out of receiving updates on menswear or children’s clothing.

The Problem and Solution Campaign

Email marketing campaigns offer you the opportunity to create a narrative. A problem to solve and a solution is a great way to increase your conversion rate.

The problem should be addressed in the first email. If you’re a carpet cleaning business, explain the risks to your customers if they don’t clean their carpets. Next, you should highlight your carpet cleaning service in emails. What’s unique about your process?

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