How to set up your company blog for success

It takes a lot to launch and maintain a successful blog. Many factors are involved: SEO, social media, content selection, image selection, article promotion, and more. This article will show you how to make your company blog a success.

Blogs have 434% higher search engine-indexed pages and 6x more significant revenue. They are the driving force behind great content marketing strategies. Research has shown that they are more effective than any other tactic.

Quick Take-Aways

Your blog’s technical aspects will ensure that it is SEO-friendly and engages your audience.

Great blogs use dates, categories, and authors to make it easy for readers to navigate.

Publishing consistently and at the best times is key to better blog performance.

Blog posts that include visual images are more popular than those without them.

Your blog should direct customers toward the next logical step, such as scheduling a consultation or starting a free trial.

We’ve looked at hundreds of best examples of content marketing, prominent business blogs, and startup sites, and we’ve also covered how you can create an excellent company blog. We’ll get more profound and specific here with tips, tools, and actual plug-ins and settings you can set up!

How to start a blog: The setup

Setting up the site is the first thing to do. Companies need to avoid jumping straight into publishing content and taking time to understand technical details. Although they may not be exciting, these details are essential in optimizing your blog to search engines, driving traffic, and growing your audience.

Add the blog to Main Navigation.

The main navigation menu of your website is what visitors (and search engines!) use to navigate it. Use it to discover your content and decide if it is capable of helping them achieve the goals they have set for it. Even the best content can only be gained with intuitive navigation. If this happens, it will hurt your organic search traffic.

Takeaway: Make sure your blog is visible in your main navigation menu.

What if your landing page is optimized to convert users? Can users be directed in the wrong direction by adding your blog?

This is a valid question. However, the reality is that web visitors spend only 15 seconds on average on landing pages. According to research, 95% of visitors will not return to a landing page after their first visit. This is the perfect way to convert. It is a path that most people need to take.

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