How to showcase your company culture on social media

It’s been challenging for companies to create and maintain a positive company environment over the past year, especially those who have moved to remote offices.

Companies faced the challenge of changing their company culture strategy to retain and attract qualified employees without having to host company outings or happy hours.

It’s a great time to showcase and invest in your company culture now that some employees gather in offices.

Studies have shown that millions of social networking to find jobs. 29% of job seekers use social media as their primary search method.

B2B companies heavily rely on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter for communication. It makes sense to use social media to showcase company culture. These are five tips to help you get started.

Be clear about what makes your company special.

Every company can claim they have the best culture. Many companies believe that this is all they do. It’s crucial to highlight the details behind your company culture on social media to set it apart.

You could highlight your core values or promote your unique benefits and activities. These ideas help you communicate your company’s culture through social media.

Promote your core values by defining what they are.

Ask employees to define core values.

Recognize employees who go above and beyond to show your values

Create infographics and quick posts that highlight aspects of your benefits package

Upload images of activities or team-building events that demonstrate your culture in action

Choose the right social media platforms

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to market B2B businesses digitally. However, company culture posts may offer more freedom in tone and aesthetics than traditional ads. This could help you reach younger people on Instagram and Twitter.

You might like to congratulate a colleague on a great job or welcome a new employee. LinkedIn is a great option.

Do you want to share photos of your happy hour or office axe-throwing party? Use Instagram to share pictures of your office’s happy hour or axe-throwing party!

You want to have a dialogue with your audience about how to build better work relationships. Twitter is the perfect platform.

Your post’s content and purpose should be clear to the platform where it will appear. You can post your axe-throwing photos on Twitter or LinkedIn, but you may get a different response from your followers.

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