How to use Buyer Personas for Higher Conversion Rates?

What’s the first thing you think of when we say “buyer personality”?

If the character is fictional or semi-fictional, it will represent a segment of your target market. The buyer persona has evolved from a less-known marketing tool to be your best option for increasing conversion rates.

What are Buyer Personas?

A buyer persona represents your ideal customer profile. This involves segmenting your customer base based on their psychographics and answering questions like:

  • Which age range do they fall within?
  • How much do they have to spend?
  • Why do they choose your brand?
  • What do they look for in a product?
  • What is the reason they choose a particular product/service?
  • What would they do to make them buy the product again?
  • How do they deal with the difficulties of buying?

Why is it important to have Buyer Personas?

Companies can use buyer personas to understand their customers better. This helps them create more effective marketing campaigns and engage users more effectively. It also allows for more personalization of their advertising.

Brands can also use buyer personas to target search intent. Search intent is the “why” behind any user’s search for a product or brand. Are they searching for information? Are they looking for a purchase?

It is possible to understand search intent using buyer personas. This will help create better content and marketing campaigns.

How to use Buyer Personas to Improve Conversion Rates

Here’s an example of a buyer persona that a movie streaming service like Netflix could create:

Broke in Brandon

  • 22 years old
  • A senior at NYU
  • He rents an apartment together with three of his friends
  • Many times, students cycle/walk to college.
  • Are you looking for a streaming platform that is affordable and offers:
    • A wide range of TV and movie shows
    • There are many payment options available other than major credit/debit card cards
    • Subscribe to Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly
    • Subscription renewal and cancellation are easy
    • A simple-to-use website and payment gateway
    • Plans that allow profile sharing
    • You prefer to receive updates via email about the latest movies and shows on the platform

Statistics show that over 90% of‘s sales are from 3-4 buyer personas. This is the effect of deepening audience analysis and segmentation.

Let’s now look at how buyer personas can increase conversion rates across channels.

You can target your customer’s needs better

Customers are looking for products and services that meet their specific needs. Buyers are 48% less likely to choose a solution-specific product tailored to their personal/business needs.

Ineffectively creating buyer personas can cause many problems in your conversion process.

  • Poor insight into what your customers want.
  • Targeting an insignificant audience
  • Create products and services that lack key features that your customers expect

Thus, it is important to create buyer personas that help you target the right products and provide tailored engagement experiences.

Get cutting-edge insights

User insights are essential to see how your products perform and how users will respond to a new product.

These insights extend beyond website and social media analytics, such as campaign reach or comments.

User-specific insights focus on what your users think about your brand and product. These insights can be difficult to collect, especially if you have a large and varied audience.

How to get reliable and fast insights?

Buyer personas.

You can collect more data by separating your audience into personas representing different audience groups. This will allow you to gather information faster and make it easier to generalize the insights. These insights can be gathered through post-purchase surveys or email feedback.

It is a great way to improve the quality of your insights by creating survey questions that are specific for each person. Netflix’s Broke Brandon would answer questions like, “How likely are you to watch a Netflix movie?” Movie recommended?” and “How would Netflix rate on a scale from 1-10?”

Specificity is key to cutting-edge insights. As shown by persona-based content increasing customer engagement by a staggering 48%. It is important to regularly ask customers for inputs, feedback, and recommendations for new features for continued improvement in conversion rates.

Be Human in Your Interactions

What is the one thing that will make your customers prefer your brand? Your communications should be humanized.

Customers shouldn’t feel like they’re speaking to an automated machine when interacting with your brand online or offline.

They look forward to engaging with humanized content. This tip is also relevant to your content strategy: The more personal and conversational your content, the better your customers respond.

Brands can target the right audience with the right kind of interaction by creating buyer personas. A freelancer professional of 25 years may prefer a casual update via DMs, while a retired person of 64 may prefer an email update with simple corporate talk.

Use buyer personas for insight into how different segments of your audience interact with brands.

Make Marketing Campaigns That Work

No-brainer? It’s probably not. Most companies are aware of the importance of creating buyer personas for better marketing strategies, but they fail to implement personas in their advertising campaigns. Targeting the right customers is key to achieving high conversion rates, whether using Google Ads or an email-based campaign.

These amazing stats show the success of persona-based advertising campaigns:

  • When personalized emails are sent, the open email rate goes up by 2-5 fold
  • After creating persona-specific emails, a 14% increase in CTR was observed
  • Websites can be made easier for users by keeping buyer personas in view.
  • Persona-based SEO strategies increase organic reach by 55%

When creating marketing copy or ad copy, think about your customer persona and ask, “What would make me want to interact with this content?” You can create engaging, well-directed content by thinking from the perspective of your buyer persona.


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