In 2022, Free CRM tools for start-ups and small businesses

Are you looking to improve your sales but are limited on a budget? This article will help you find the best CRM software free for your small business.

If you have landed here, you are likely aware of the small business requirements for managing your relationships with customers. A CRM system that automates your business is essential as you grow. What does a CRM do for small businesses?

CRM (also known as Customer Relationship Management) is a system that tracks all of your prospect and customer data and their interactions. A CRM tool can provide small businesses with the following benefits:

  • All your customer data should be stored in one place.
  • Identifying sales opportunities
  • Forecasting sales more accurately
  • Effectively building strong relationships.
  • Monitor customer trends
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • Stealing overall profitability.

In the past, CRM software was only available to large businesses. According to the latest report by LinkedIn, 64% of businesses integrate a CRM system in their sales process. All businesses can now integrate CRMs into their systems.

The release of free CRM software has made CRM automation more accessible to all businesses. Are you unsure which CRM software is right for your small business?

Best Free CRM For Small Businesses

Many free CRM tools on the market provide the same benefits as paid ones. To help you choose the best, we have analyzed the top free CRM tools in the industry.

  • HubSpot
  • Keep
  • Freshsales


HubSpot is our top choice for free CRM tools because it provides small business owners with the most user-friendly CRM. One-click registration is all it takes to gain access to the benefits of HubSpot. This powerful tool gives you the tools to organize and manage your contacts.

HubSpot categorizes customer-oriented businesses based on three distinct centers: Marketing, Sales, and Service. This is why HubSpot is so much better than its competitors.

If your small business has to manage up to 100 contacts, the free plan offers great features.

  • Management and tracking of leads
  • Document tracking
  • Pipeline management,
  • Email marketing,
  • Reporting and management of ads
  • Contact management
  • Prospect tracking.

If you have over 100 contacts, it may make sense to upgrade your free plan to one of the paid options. You will also have full access to all functionality and unlimited advanced CRM features. You will have access to custom reporting, sales analytics, forecasting, phone support, 1-1 meetings, eSignature, and many other features.


Keep is a robust, free CRM tool that’s currently on the market. As all CRMs, Keap’s management system allows you to manage your contacts. It provides a single place for you to communicate with your leads and follow up with clients.

The HubSpot free CRM app is available for up to 100 contacts. It also keeps track of tasks and notes, as well as customer relationship management. Let’s take a look at what the free plan includes.

  • Unlimited bulk emailing
  • You can send up to 25 text messages per day by text messaging
  • Business phone line.
  • A mobile app,
  • Task management,
  • Chat support via live in-app

You can upgrade your plan to get more features and no limitations. Upgrades give you access to advanced sales and marketing analytics and reporting features. All paid plans require at least 500 contacts.


Freshworks offers free customer relationship management solutions under the banner of Freshsales. The CRM app is designed to increase sales and personalize customer engagement.

It can understand visitor intent and collect their information so you can focus on the best leads. Freshsales’ free CRM software, powered by AI, allows you to instantly connect with your customers using chatbots. This allows you to build a deeper relationship with your customers and reduce the sales cycle.

Below is a brief overview of what the free plan offers:

  • Contact and account management
  • Sales funnels customized to capture the contact lifecycle stages
  • Simple communication via chat, email, and phone
  • Support available 24×5 via communication channels
  • Mobile app access.

Were the features mentioned above not enough? There are many paid options available and add-ons. Freshsales is no exception. Only paid plans can access sales prediction, Whatsapp communication and multiple sales pipelines. Workflow management and other custom solutions may also be available.

Freshsales also offers free, industry-specific CRM tools. It is possible to increase your sales and marketing efforts in all areas, including education.

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