Landing Page Elements For A Successful Website

A good landing page is critically important as it creates the foundation for good rankings and better conversion rates. Today we will discuss some of the most important elements and tweaks that you need to follow to ensure this. Firstly, you need to undertake a detailed keyword research based on your target audience to analyse the different contents sections you would be adding to your landing page to engage your users.

A good landing page should have at least 1000 words supported by infographics, quality videos, images and other media types to make it highly engaging. Next in line is meta tag optimization along with targeted ‘Call To Action’, heading tag optimization and breakup of content into sub headings to make it easier for our target audience to navigate.

Site speed optimization and responsiveness is also very crucial. You wouldn’t want users to bounce off from the landing page because of these issues. Hence, both desktop and mobile site speed optimization should be done along with cross browser testing. Landing page responsiveness should also be checked across devices of different sizes to ensure that all the page elements are coming properly.

Lastly, ensure that the size of all the images are optimized properly and ALT tags are added to them. Don’t forgot to join us at We Are SEORockstars in Las Vegas.

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