Marketing should be about culture and employee engagement

The world has changed thanks to digital technology dramatically. It has revolutionized how we communicate with each other, how we learn, what we buy, and even how we date. It has drastically disrupted the marketing mix of marketers and the expectations of senior executives.

Executives have had to increase the pressure on CMOS to implement marketing strategies and programs which deliver a quantifiable return. Marketing leaders face strong opinions from colleagues in every department about the best marketing strategies.

We are stuck between two challenging places. We are still chasing shiny objects like new social channels, mobile ads, bots, and augmented and virtual reality. Executives keep asking us to place our ads and logos in places our audience doesn’t see. We are constantly asked: “What is the return on investment?”

We have consumers turning their backs on advertising and colleagues who need to know if they should follow the instructions or do what is best for them.

This brings me to a conclusion: A culture that doesn’t encourage ideas from employees is the biggest threat to companies today. Every employee, regardless of their role in sales, marketing, or customer support, has a view of the company’s goals, as well as the problems and challenges faced by customers.

Indeed, culture is the new mandate in marketing and businesses. Are you encouraging your employees to come up with innovative ideas? Happy employees can have a more significant impact on your bottom line than unhappy ones.

Why is Culture so Important Now?

The 21st century’s most significant business challenge is cultivating the right organizational culture and engaging employees. We are making a complete 180 in the digital era. Back when it was all about adopting new technology and moving business processes to the digital age, we were changing our tune. We now have a tech-driven business landscape and realize that human ingenuity drives real value.

We are not comparing man and machine. Businesses need visionary, skilled, creative, and meticulous human brains in order to operate and find innovative ways to manage the ship in this new environment.

Prometheus has just given us the next generation of fire. To leverage this fire, we need a new way of working.

Also, we are experiencing a cultural shift. We are also seeing a culture shift, not just among millennials or Gen Z, who genuinely want to align their values and have a purpose in life, but across society in general.

It’s a connected world. We are more connected, have more information, and are better informed about what’s happening in government and business. There are fewer walls and fewer mysteries. Customers and employees expect more.

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