Reviews are becoming increasingly important – How to maintain and build your digital agency’s reputation

Think about your customer. Would you rather invest in a well-marketed product or one your friends recommend? It’s easy to see why.

Reviews and recommendations are important to any company’s reputation, including digital agencies.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool today. Businesses can win the entire market or crash and burn.

A single negative review from an influencer can discourage existing clients and eliminate the possibility of getting new ones.

We will now look at the metrics that determine the importance of reviews. Also, how can an e-commerce platform, digital agency, or any other e-commerce platform use some tips and guidelines to ensure they aren’t on the wrong side of customer reviews?

Customer reviews are valuable.

Invesp provides some impressive statistics to help you understand the potential customer reviews. These numbers are listed below.

* Approximately 90% of your customers will read reviews before purchasing products or services.

* Websites with excellent reviews are more likely to be visited by customers by 31% more than websites with mediocre reviews.

* 72% of respondents to a survey will add a product or service to their shopping carts if they read a positive review.

* 86% of respondents also stated they would be reluctant to buy products from websites with negative reviews.

These metrics or statistics show that positive reviews can help customers retain and generate sales.

These reviews also help to build trust between clients and your company.

These numbers BrightLocal’s survey demonstrates this:

* 91% of those aged 18-34 are millennials. They will give reviews the same priority as recommendations from friends and family.

Positive reviews will instantly increase the trust between clients and businesses, as 73% find these platforms more trustworthy.

Considering your customers’ experiences will allow you to understand them better. This will provide you with incredible insights into how to improve your product or what is driving customers away.

Negative reviews are a learning opportunity for your business.

This allows you to measure the customer’s response and behavior towards your products more accurately and effectively.

Customer reviews are a key factor in any business’s SEO rankings. Good reviews can help you rank higher in search engines because they value customer experience.

Your website will also be more likely to appear in search results for certain keywords because of the content on your platform.

It is important to include reviews on e-commerce. Let’s talk about some guidelines and practices you can use to utilize customer reviews properly and respond effectively to negative ones.

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