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Specific content, optimized, and engaging distinguishes leading brands from the pack. Jim Yu shares five content types that can add value.

  • The convergence of SEO and content has already occurred, and digital will be the next step.
  • Brands that create high-quality content with a high quantity of content and use insights to discern intent are likely to gain market share from rivals.
  • Making search-friendly, optimized content right out of the gate and aligned with a paid media strategy gives marketers the most excellent chance to control SERP in real estate.
  • The B2B search combined accounts for 76% on average of all traffic.
  • Content can also be valuable beyond SEO and can be used across entire companies, from branding and awareness to customer service, sales, and marketing of products.
  • Jim Yu shares the top five types of content that provide SEO value.

A convergence between SEO and content is a fact that has taken place. We’re currently experiencing an unprecedented convergence in range and everything digital. This was enough evolution, but then an outbreak of the pandemic struck to alter the landscape, with digital’s transformation into digital almost in a matter of minutes.

As businesses prepare to reopen, they are more hungry than ever before for information. The consumption of media is increasing because people are constantly scouring their phones, laptops, and tablets to find out details about the businesses that are open, what goods and services are available near them, and how companies adapt to the “new normal”. “> “new normalspan>

In the months ahead, companies will be required to adjust their content and SEO plans to satisfy the continuously evolving needs of their customers. There are not just seasonal trends to face but a variety of levels of business recovery and access across regions and verticals also.

Search SEO today for the latest customer insight.

We’ve never had an all-encompassing, global, and nearly universal experience like this. Every customer is affected in some way. The customer journey maps have to be updated, and more importantly, it is crucial to set up to analyze and monitor information about your customers as close to real-time as possible.

The remainder of 2020 can see massive shifts and swings in the consumer’s behavior. SEO data is as near to the real-time voice of the customer as possible.

Search data is full of the needs of customers and their intentions. More than ever, customers are using search engines to fulfill their every requirement. The information gained from trends in search and queries, local search analytics, and other on-site activities will guide your company’s choices moving forward. Ensuring you are aligned with your SEO and PPC strategies is becoming increasingly crucial. As per BrightEdge research, B2B combined search it is 76 percent of traffic.

If you need to use an organized method for sharing search-related information at the departmental level and executives, this is the right time. Begin with the questions you’d like to have addressed and then work backward from the beginning:

  • Are consumers still loyal to their favorite brands, or are they alternating between familiar and new brands (perhaps because of necessity or due to availability)?
  • Where do your customers spend their time on the internet right now?
  • What are people saying about your company on reviews, on social media, review websites, and online? Are you able to respond to them in real time?
  • How have your customer requirements changed since COVID-19?
  • Are you noticing any unexpected or unanticipated behavioral shifts in how people discover and consume your content?
  • Are customers using your services or products (or other similar ones to yours) in innovative or unique methods?

These tips will guide your marketing strategy and how your entire company is rebuilt and identify opportunities to expand over the next few months.

Five types of content to help you build your content strategy today and in the future

Prepare to capitalize on the search results for maximum visibility and a share of voice because there’s a distinct advantage to being first in the market. Please select the appropriate content types to ensure you’re giving your customers information in the most effective format that meets their needs, devices, intentions, and experiences.

Be sure that the following five search-friendly kinds of content are in your arsenal.

Written wordText-based web content drives the majority of the search results. It can be more appealing and engaging by adding other types of content (which we’ll cover in a moment). However, an article that is well-written or a webpage remains a highly effective tool you can use to improve your content.

That’s the kind of content Google refers to as “Main Content” in its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines–“any element of the webpage that directly assists the page to achieve its goal.” Images, text videos, user-generated content, and the page’s title. Multimedia elements usually enhance words written. However, it is the base upon which the content is constructed.

Writing is an excellent method of establishing an atmosphere of thought leadership, helping users navigate through step-by-step procedures, and communicating opinions, views, and knowledge. Pages for landing, glossaries list features, news stories, media releases – many ways to present your company’s report and communicate messages through writing.

What can you do to strengthen your written content and make it more appealing to readers?


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