Social Media Marketing Examples to Inspire You in 2023

Social media marketing is more complex than posting content frequently. It’s more than this. This is the reason why certain companies do better than other brands on social media.

The companies that have succeeded in the social media aspect of their marketing understand that the key of success with social media lies in understanding your target audience and focusing on them in an effective way. You can post regularly and ensure your posts are pertinent to your target audience.

If you look at the most effective social media marketing examples, you’ll see that the most common thread is that the content resonates with the viewers. Let’s examine some of the most compelling examples of social media-based marketing examples to inspire your social media strategy for 2023.

What they did right supported the cause of winning consumers’ confidence and enhancing their brand image.

After assisting thousands of COVID-19 responseers in 2020, Airbnb made a heartwarming and swift gesture of support to Ukrainians amid its war with Russia in 2022.

Airbnb provided free, short-term accommodation to 100,000 refugees leaving Ukraine through Refugee Fund. Refugee Fund has connected other groups of refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela to temporary housing via partners.

Through a string of Twitter posts in which the CEO Brian Chesky explained the various ways, the public can assist in multiple ways, from hosting to making donations.

More than 48,000 hosts from 16 countries responded to the invitation to host Ukrainians, and donations from 95 countries.

In the meantime, Airbnb customers worldwide booked accommodations, even though they weren’t staying in the rental units. What began as a gesture of solidarity between travel bloggers and hosts from Ukraine became a viral phenomenon on social media. Hosts made $1.9 million when the platform had more than 61,400 bookings within 48 hours.

News media outlets have reported that donors felt more connectivity and greater transparency when they were contacted to offer direct financial assistance to an identifiable person or a family member instead of aid organizations. Others have warned that the donors could be unaware of their support for significant property owners and Russian investors. Airbnb has advised guests to read the reviews of hosts who have a Ukraine address and verify their history on Airbnb before booking.

HBO – “House of the Dragon” CampaignWhat they did right engaged viewers on the most-loved social platform to grow and maintain enthusiasm for its most popular series.

HBO has been reported to have spent the last year preparing the marketing plan for its “Game of Thrones” (GOT) prequel “House of the Dragon” to ensure that the show would meet the acclaim of the show’s predecessor. The team behind the show launched its officially licensed GOT TikTok account in April 2021, which coincided with “Iron Anniversary” to celebrate ten years since the series’ debut. In October 2021, HBO unveiled a teaser of the prequel. The social media department widened to expand the TikTok account, which now includes HOTD. The show began airing in August 2022.

In a speech at the Variety TikTok Culture Catalysts Dinner held in December 2022, HBO directors were part of the panels that confirmed TikTok‘s essential contribution to the show’s impressive ratings throughout its premiere season. The creator of the exhibition “Fantastic,” Frankey Smith, said that the platform’s duet and stitch features allow users to show a different video or video from a different account on their show and make it easier for fans to share their favorite episodes.

Cast members also helped increase viewers by sharing humorous videos about their hobbies. For example, in a TikTok video that went to the top of YouTube, Emma D’Arcy told co-actor Olivia Cooke about their drink of preference: negroni sbagliato topped with prosecco.

  1. Netflix – “Wednesday” Campaign

What they did right – Introduced a new series, “dark humor,” into the traditional and social marketing mix.

Netflix extended Halloween from Christmas Time to bolster its new show “Wednesday,” a spin-off of “The Addams Family.” The marketing team at the streaming service used billboards, stunt marketing, and social media to get Netflix viewers for Wednesday Addams, who is the eldest child to Gomez, as well as Morticia Addams, who is played by the actress Jenna Ortega ( Scream 5X, and American Carnage). The video uploaded to YouTube is the premiere of “Thing,” -a disembodied hand who performs tasks for the family and also serves as Wednesday’s partner in the series. The show takes place on street scenes in New York, capturing the shocked reactions of pedestrians and commuters.

Netflix also shared a photo of the Thing on its Twitter account, as it was hung from a handrail in the subway. The caption says, “Hang in There.” In addition, the Official Wednesday Addams Twitter account posted an image featuring the protagonist covered in blood with the caption, “I love to start my weekends with a good blood bath.” Netflix has activated it in June.


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