Successful digital marketing campaign examples

Digital marketing campaigns have become an integral element of the overall marketing strategy for most companies. As an executive in a company or marketing manager, you must understand what a good digital marketing strategy looks like to ensure your brand is successful.

This guide will provide real-world examples of successful digital marketing strategies. It will inspire you on ways to improve your existing system or design better campaigns in the future. You’ll discover the key elements that have made some of the most successful online marketing strategies so successful and how to apply them to your own company.

This article will help you understand:

  • What is a digital advertising campaign
  • A few examples of marketing digital campaigns
  1. Airbnb — “Made Possible by Hosts”
  2. UNIQLO — “Uncover”
  3. American Express — “OPEN Forum”
  4. Slack – word-of-mouth marketing
  5. Dove — “Project #ShowUs”
  6. Lyft — referral program
  7. Red Bull — “Red Bull Stratos”
  8. Sephora -merging both in-store and online experiences
  9. Heineken — “Cheers to All”
  10. JetBlue – employing Twitter to provide immediate customer service
  • How do you prepare online marketing strategies to ensure the best results

What’s a digital advertising campaign?

Digital marketing is a plan of action to promote your company online. A digital marketing strategy aims to expand your business ‘ presence in relevant online environments to increase your brand’s visibility, engage, and sales with your intended customers.

Digital marketing is any technique that connects you with your customers via a screen. This can include email, social media, video chatbots, blogs, advertising on display, etc.

Although there is some value in traditional marketing methods, such as billboards or direct mail, businesses are putting more money into digital marketing for a simple reason: it’s efficient. Digital marketing campaigns can be beneficial because they:

  • Mesh together with marketing and digital tools that can grow quickly
  • Can be easily measured and help improve lead attributability
  • Create efficient, omnichannel connections with customers
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Are less expensive and more accessible than traditional methods of marketing

Digital marketing allows your company the opportunity to communicate with consumers in an almost endless number of ways. With the many options available, it takes time to determine what digital marketing strategies fit your needs best. That’s why looking at other digital advertising strategies is essential.

Digital marketing examples

The world’s most renowned brands are investing resources to push the boundaries of what is possible using digital marketing. The following ten instances of digitally successful marketing campaigns show the art of timing, targeting, and messages that business leaders can replicate in their marketing campaigns.

1. Airbnb — “Made Possible by Hosts”

2021 was the year that the Airbnb promotion ” Made Possible By Hosts” took advantage of the power of user-generated material (UGC) in its film ” Forever Young.” The slideshow-style video features renters enjoying an enjoyable time on an Airbnb and features their travel photographs, accompanied by an emotional music track.

This video didn’t just showcase the incredible properties and activities. Still, it also gave an indirect reference to the Airbnb experience. But it also highlighted the feelings renting guests get when they make weekend bookings using Airbnb. In no words, the video urged renters to make reservations for themselves “remember that weekend?” excursions.

The campaign was viewed globally, bringing 17 million viewers across all Airbnb platforms. The effective social media marketing campaign targeted hosts and renters, enabling Airbnb to launch an initiative that increased the number of listings for properties and bookings.

Here are a few lessons learned from the tactical strategy of the campaign:

  • Make investments in video-based content. The majority of viewers want to consume videos, and it allows you to tell a compelling emotional tale.
  • Create mute-friendly content that viewers can enjoy without the need for subtitles. That’s especially important because 75% of viewers watch videos on mobile devices with sound off.
  • Show real people using UGC. This content proved significant evidence of how great times Airbnb renters enjoy at their properties.
  • Let your heart be a part of the content. Instead of loading the video with stats or facts, Airbnb told an emotional story by combining inspirational images and music.

2. UNIQLO — “Uncover”

UNIQLO is a Japanese retailer which sells casual clothing. They wanted to find a new method of promoting its HEATTECH clothes in Australia. Australian market. UNIQLO designed aa multichannel experience that enticed store and online shoppers to participate in a contest.

In support of the campaign, UNIQLO placed digital billboards at 100 locations across Australia, along with identical videos on their YouTube and Facebook pages. The billboards and videos urged viewers to photograph a unique code and submit it to the UNIQLO campaign’s page online.

After informing the customer about HEATTECH, UNIQLO would offer a free T-shirt or a discount coupon for e-commerce. After that, the digital promotion nurtured customers, encouraging them to sign up for a UNIQLO Marketing Newsletter. The results could be shared via social media, so people could inspire their peers to join involved in the fun.

The UNIQLO campaign resulted in 1.3 million videos viewed, 25,000 newsletter subscriptions, and 35,000 brand-new clients.

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