The Complete SEO Checklist For SaaS Companies

Demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) is multiplying with no sign of slowing down. For companies who want to be visible and remain competitive in their industry, SEO for SaaS will become more essential as the industry grows.

SaaS companies already depend more heavily on digital marketing than other industries, as they almost entirely live online. Customers need help to walk into physical stores or buy products from them.

SaaS content marketing success depends on a solid SEO strategy. This strategy drives brand visibility, industry authority, and organic web traffic. The following checklist is designed to ensure you get all essential SEO elements.

Quick Take-Aways

SaaS companies should combine keyword research with robust funnel marketing strategies to reach potential customers at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Your customer will be more engaged if you create pain-point content demonstrating how to solve their problem.

Technical SEO must be done to allow search engines and users to navigate your site intuitively.

Backlinks are a factor that search engine algorithms use to assess brand authority.

Lead magnets with high-value leads can convert web traffic to leads and converts.

SEO for SaaS: A Complete Checklist

Keyword research is an essential part of content marketing in any industry. SaaS is a highly saturated market in terms of content and companies. There are ways to be strategic about keywords to increase your brand’s visibility and competition on the SERPs.

The highest search volume for a category is the pyramid’s top, but they also have the highest intent to purchase. The opposite is true for classes at the bottom. They have the highest search volume but the lowest goal.

SaaS companies need to create content that covers the entire pyramid. You need to have a balanced, intentional approach to content creation. This will allow you to prioritize areas that provide the highest ROI.

The SEO pyramid framework allows you to brainstorm keywords for each category and ensure that you are creating great content for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Funnel Marketing Strategy

We now move on to the next item in our SEO for SaaS checklist, funnel marketing.

Did you know that 70% of B2B buyers complete 70% of brand research before ever reaching out to a sales representative directly? This means they have already gone through many buyer journey stages before ever interacting with you directly.

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