The Content Marketing Challenges in Technology Revealed (CMI Research)

New research by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) focuses on technology content marketing. Based on 364 responses from content marketers in the technology sector, this in-depth report, Technology Marketing 2019: Budgets and Trends, was created.

B2B brands provided the majority of responses, but B2C marketers also contributed perspectives. This is how we’re going to break down the results of the survey and what they mean for technology content marketers in the future. These are the most valuable and exciting findings for content marketers.

Multiple Roles Create Complexity

Technology marketers know that buying can be complex, and many roles are involved in making the final decision. The survey revealed that 68% of respondents identified creating content for different roles as a real content market challenge.

There are solutions to this problem. It is important to establish buyer personas that are clearly defined. Personas should include decision-makers and influencers. After you have created personas, it is essential to identify their pain points and then create content that addresses these points. Your content will be different, which is good. It’s important to have variety in technology content marketing.

The Bottom of the Funnel Content is Hard

According to the report, marketers find it easier to create top-of-the-funnel content. This relationship stage concerns brand awareness and tackling complex issues with educational material. According to the survey, top funnel goals were a high success rate, with brand awareness at 84%, lending at 80%, respectively, and educating audiences at 74%.

Marketers only consider content at stages of buyer life, from awareness to consideration to final decision. This is what causes the gap in the funnel. It is crucial to create content that fits each stage. Your content should change as your persona moves further down the funnel. You can use comparisons and case studies at the bottom to help you think about the content.

The majority of marketers understand and use Tools

Most marketers stated they have the tools necessary to create and optimize content. Marketers use personas to help them understand their customers. Marketers use a range of methods to research buyers. 80% use customer feedback, 71% use website analytics to gain insights, and 55% directly communicate with customers.

What does this mean? The way that marketers work has been reshaped by technology. It will be fascinating to see how marketers use marketing automation to create an integrated strategy.

It is essential to Nurture Prospects.

To convert those who are interested into buyers, nurturing prospects is essential. Email marketing is a standard tool used by 92% of tech content marketers. These marketers know that drip email campaigns don’t have to be the only tactic.

The nurture path also includes educational content, which 79% of respondents use, while 67% prefer in-person events. Their content preferences have changed. 64% of respondents said they are using more video. This makes sense, given the increasing use of video in today’s world. Another hot trend in unique content is podcasting, with 37% reporting that they use this technique more.

Content Should Encourage Loyalty

Marketing tech content isn’t about prospects. 82% of respondents agree that their company is committed to creating content that builds trust with existing clients. If you nurture your existing customers, they can be your greatest advocates. You may also have the opportunity to win more business from existing clients. Pay attention to your current customers. You must keep in touch with your customers and provide education and new information to ensure they see you as a thought leader.

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