Three Tips for Helping Your Content Distribution Strategy Grow: Employee Advocacy

It is a secret that corporate content marketing only works for some companies. They need help dealing with data privacy laws and social media algorithms, as well as the general distrust of sponsored content by the public.

They need help to reach an organic audience by continuing to do the same thing they have done for years.

What does this all mean? This means that companies must adapt to online content marketing to succeed.

Social media pages for companies are slowly disappearing. Here’s why.

Many businesses face the same challenges when trying to reach their target audience online with new content. These include:

Data privacy has reduced opportunities. New algorithms and policies on social media networks and Google Privacy + Sandbox make it challenging to reach the right demographic. These Employee Advocacy Best practices can help you overcome these challenges.

Organic reach is limited by consumer mistrust. Social media has made it easier for individuals to trust opinions from their peers online more than those from large corporations. The role of engagement quality requirements, higher engagement rates thresholds, and re-prioritization are all critical.

All this leads to one conclusion. The consumer wants authenticity. They demand authentic content from trusted content creators. They are no longer able to reach them via the traditional online route.

They have changed their expectations. Companies must evolve too. The old “Company Page,” with its sponsored content, is no longer relevant.

We need a new distribution strategy. Employees play a vital role in this.

The traditional distribution strategy needs to be revised in today’s online environment. Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, says it’s becoming more challenging to organically reach people on social media. Finding the right audience can be difficult. Every day, you are competing with more companies. As businesses publish new content, the market is becoming increasingly saturated. It’s essential to have a solid distribution strategy, which may or not prioritize social media.

What is the backbone of this new distribution channel if sponsored posts and company pages are available?

Employees themselves. Employee Advocacy. The following benefits can be derived from involving employees in the creation, sharing, and analysis of content:

Cost-effective. Employer advocacy harnesses the natural enthusiasm of employees and allows them to share their thoughts and feelings through the content they create or share. They generate exposure freely, so there are no media fees or ad buys.

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