Tools for Lead Management That Will Save You Time

Although leads are lovely, it can take a while before a sale is made. It can be challenging to manage your information throughout the process.

Marketers everywhere must maintain relationships with their leads to convert prospects into customers.

It is often a long and challenging task to separate legitimate prospects from those who need to be qualified, organize data, and track key leads on an ongoing basis. You may also need to utilize competitive intelligence tools to steal customers from your competitors.

61% are the biggest challenges for marketers. This is partly due to all the moving parts.

Every step of the process, from inquiries to lead qualification to track and nurturing, requires a different level of attention. The sales funnel is separate for every customer.

Manual lead management can prove to be tedious, inefficient, and time-consuming. There are many tools available that will help you and your company accomplish the task faster.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is an efficient tool that can be used from the beginning to the end of lead generation. This tool offers specific search experiences that are geared toward finding qualified leads.

You can also use the features to help your sales team succeed through email management. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to understand your audience better and helps your team make quicker decisions.

This application pulls relevant information from LinkedIn to show contacts. It will help your team access all the information they need.


Zoominfo is your one-stop shop for company information. Zoominfo organizes and cross-references data from companies to help you identify who is in your market and who has buyer intent that matches your products.

Zoominfo offers a variety of application options to help you organize emails, automate website chats and optimize outreach timing. They will help you find the right buyer at the right moment with the right message.


Copper is well-known for its Google Workspace integration. This makes them a user-friendly tool for lead management. Copper provides a detailed timeline of the sales process.

Copper boasts a low learning curve and easy management. Copper offers a variety of software options once the deal has been closed. Copper software can be used to birth and manage the project.


Boomerang is an extension for Gmail that helps you organize your company’s email. This installment includes email features such as the boomerang button. This feature boomerangs any incoming mail that you have yet to receive.

Imagine receiving an email you know is essential next week, but you are stuck in this week’s chaos. Boomerang will send emails back to you when they are more relevant to your schedule. They will appear at the top of your email as unopened.

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