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Becoming a content marketing researcher expert can teach you how to create content people want.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly! You need to get out there and do some digging. It might be fun.

This article will show you how to use these powerful and simple-to-use content marketing research tools to find out what content makes search engines tick.

Google Auto-fill

Google does most of the work for your search terms. It uses the auto-fill feature to reveal search terms that people are using. This tool is a powerful tool that can help you inform your content marketing strategies.

Start typing the question or phrase at the beginning. Omniscient Google will take care of the rest. The auto-fill function displays popular searches and gives you access to a wealth of long-tail, in-demand keywords.

If you want to know what marketers want to do to develop their content market strategy, then the auto-fill field for ‘content Marketing Strategies’ is where you will find it.

This information will inform you that marketers are looking for templates and examples to help them with their latest content marketing strategies.

To see more relevant search terms, click the ‘content strategy template’ link and scroll down to the bottom of search engine results in pages. You can now create more targeted and relevant content for your audience.

Google Trends

Google offers more free research to help you create the content your audience is most interested in. Google Trends is the best place to determine which topics are most relevant to your search terms. This research tool gives you access to an incredible amount of search data.

Google Trends will display related queries and interest by region and compare related search terms over different periods, ranging from 2004 to the present hour.

Do you need help figuring out where to start for a specific topic? Are you and your marketing team discussing which keyword topic is more relevant?

Google may be encouraging content marketers to create functional, relevant material with all the help they offer. That’s correct. Google’s vision is to “provide access to the entire world’s information in one Click.” This search engine provides these powerful, free research tools to help you do a better job. These tools are free!


This tool is my favorite. (No, I’m not associated with any of these companies or receive commissions. BuzzSumo lets you create your entire content marketing plan with just one tool. It is intuitive and comprehensive to find keyword gems and develop ingenious strategies.

Enter your search query or category. BuzzSumo will provide a list of the most popular articles for that search term. You can filter your search results by length and content type or even choose only to see in-depth reports about your topic. To reverse popular engineering topics, you can review articles.

This tool will also allow you to see which publications are most popular in your industry. You can now create a list to target publications for advertising or pitching your articles.

Enter the website of a competitor publisher or top industry publication. BuzzSumo will display the most popular articles on the site.

You can also look at the social media platforms to find the most popular ones in your niche and those most likely to engage with your target audience.

A little influencer marketing can give your content marketing strategy a boost. The tool allows you to see the influencers in your area, and you can then reach out to them to request guest posts or other influencer marketing strategies.

You can monitor your content marketing and compare it to other competitors.

This research tool is free to try, but you must subscribe to BuzzSumo to access its elegant search data. The Pro level of service costs $79 monthly and is an excellent starting point for professional bloggers and small marketing teams.


AnswerThePublic can have a significant impact on your content marketing research. The bearded man on the homepage can be disconcerting.

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