Weekend Reading: Rand Fishkin’s “Lost and Found”

Rand Fishkin, founder, and former CEO at Moz, discuss how Silicon Valley wisdom leads too many startups to disaster. He does this with the honesty and humor his thousands of blog readers love.

Prospects love you. Convenience is critical to social media browsing on mobile devices, especially for target buyers.

Facebook can be used to redirect people to your landing pages to take action and become leads. However, you should still use Facebook posts to do this. You can find the form in your Facebook ads. This is especially helpful for mobile users since landing pages on your website may be more effective than those for desktop.

You need to create an ad and then launch the campaign. After you have set your budget, the leads will start coming in.

Sort of.

But it’s more than that. A lot of brands use Facebook ads to generate leads. Your ads should be more effective than theirs.

How do you make your Facebook lead ads stand out and be worthwhile?

Use well-planned visuals

Using eye-catching visuals is the first step in grabbing prospects’ attention on Facebook. To create Facebook ads for leads, you can use images or videos.

Which image is best for a Facebook lead ad?

Intelligent design is essential. Your illustrated image should be the same.

High-quality images are best. Use high-quality images.

Context: Ensure your visual element is consistent with the advertisement’s context. MindTitan’s ad shows this. The ad’s straightforward and appealing design clearly shows prospects what they stand to gain by clicking on the Learn More button.

Use the Context Cards

Facebook leads can see your context card in the ad forms.

There are two options for the context card.

1. Give more information to prospects about filling out lead forms. Highlight the benefits, address barriers, and encourage candidates to continue the process.

2 Prospects can feel reassured that they can work with your brand. Please give them a summary of your unique value proposition to encourage them to sign up or register.

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