What Is Google Ads, How It Works and Its Benefits

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is Google’s advertising program that allows businesses to advertise across its products and search network.

You can advertise on the two biggest search engines in the world: Google and YouTube.

The program is the only option if you wish to advertise on Google products like Gmail.

Google Search, its properties, and the ads they display are now more diverse than ever. This means that if your business is not using search or other types of advertising, it will suffer.

Many businesses advertise on Google to remain competitive, not just to increase their revenue.

Find out more about alternative search engines or search engine marketing.

We will explore Google Ads and its benefits in this article. Let’s first see how Google Ads works.

What is Google Ads in a Nutshell?

Search Ads are designed to serve users’ searches as closely as you can. Display Ads are designed to match user interests with ads that they may be interested in.

In Google Ads, the advertisers bid on certain keywords in order to be able to place their ads either on search result pages or on other websites.

Ad auctions occur whenever a Google Search user or a visitor to a site in the network visits.

Google assigns each ad an Ad Rank at every auction. This determines whether users will see your ads.

Six factors determine an Ad Rank.

  1. Your Maximum Bid
  2. Quality of ads and landing pages
  3. The thresholds must be exceeded.
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Search context of the user (for example, device type, location, time, and search intention)
  6. Impact of advertising formats and extensions

If your Ad Rank is sufficiently high, your ads will appear at the top of search results. There are four ad spots available at the top of the results. There are also more ad spaces at the bottom of search result pages.

Optimizing ad performance is a key factor in achieving higher rankings. You can track a metric known as Quality score. This is a combination of ad performance metrics.

The Quality Scores are based on a 1-10 scale and determine the relevance of your ads. It is important to know that Google does not use Quality Scores in active ad auctions. It helps you to optimize the overall quality of your ads.


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