What Is Internet Marketing? Definition, Tips, and Examples

Internet marketing is any kind of marketing activity that occurs on the Internet.

The main goal of online marketing is to increase the size of your company.

You can accomplish this through several digital channels, which include:

  • Organic search
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Social media
  • Online communities
  • Email

You can make captivating content and then share it through these channels. It allows you to educate your potential customers on the value that your service offers. You can also build trust and generate leads that eventually become customers who pay.

Let’s begin by discussing the importance of Internet marketing.

Why Is Internet Marketing Important?

Internet marketing, sometimes referred to as Internet marketing or e-marketing, allows you to reach out to your target audience via various channels.

No one channel can be considered “right.” It will depend on the channels your target audience favors.

Furthermore, these channels are most effective when they are used in conjunction.

Internet marketing is essential because of five primary reasons. It lets you:

  1. Meet the ideal buyers without having to break the bank
  2. Establish authority
  3. Traffic on the highway
  4. Create leads
  5. Make more sales

Let’s go over each in greater depth.

Reach Ideal Buyers Without Breaking the Bank

Internet marketing is an affordable method to reach your targeted public.

As of June 2022, 5.5 billion users access the internet. This is almost 70 percent of the world’s population.

Internet marketing is intended to make your company visible without having a large advertising budget.

For instance, the term “men’s shoes” is searched about 1 million times per month across the globe:

The majority of them are using a transactional or informational purpose for their search. The users are either looking to know more about the men’s shoe market or to purchase a pair.

If your website appears on relevant searches like this, then your company is in a great position to expand.

Internet marketing allows your company to expand exactly as you would like it to.

No matter what products that you offer, you’ll discover many opportunities in this manner.

Making content that addresses what consumers are looking for is a great strategy to improve visibility and get forward in the marketing funnel until they’re ready to purchase.

Establish Brand Authority

Internet marketing can also position your brand as an expert in the eyes of potential customers.

The more relevant content you produce at various phases in your perfect client journey, the more people will view you as an expert source. You will also get more interest as well as your market share.

NerdWallet is a prime example of a company that gained credibility through internet-based marketing.

The process of educating potential buyers at various stages of their buying journey can help to increase the number of people who rely on NerdWallet for financial guidance. This is one reason why they have more than 20 million organic users per month.

Additionally, they have a large quantity of backlinks which count as affirmations of their expertise in their area. All of this enhances their authority (not to mention ranking in the search engine results).

Drive Quality Traffic

Internet marketing and web-based promotion can increase visitors. Particularly if you develop relevant content that is related to your field.

Increasing traffic to your website will allow you to engage with your intended audience, explain how your product can solve their issue, and ultimately inspire them to action.

The actions could include downloading an eBook or a report they liked, consuming additional information, signing up for the newsletter, or purchasing a product at the moment of purchase.

Generate Leads

The goal of all internet campaign marketing is to bring in new leads that have a high purchase intention. These leads are known as qualified leads.

They will be more likely to convert into customers if you regularly reach them with relevant content to them.

Effective lead generation techniques comprise landing pages, blogs, email ads, retargeting, the use of social media for a free trial, and referrals.


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