Why Graphic Design In Digital Marketing Is Crucial

Marketers Trust Graphic Design

Digital marketing is now a must-have for every marketer or entrepreneur. Graphic design is the best way to capture the attention of users, especially as their attention span is decreasing.

It’s time to leverage visuals if 61 percent believe graphic design is a key part of any marketing strategy.

Take three things away from this article.

  • What does graphic design mean
  • Why is it important in digital marketing?
  • Explicit design benefits in digital marketing

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the combination of symbols, icons, and typography. It also includes colors. Graphic design is based on principles, concepts, and trends. It can also be influenced by psychology.

A company might invest in graphic design for its landing pages. Graphic design on landing pages should be geared towards converting leads into paying customers. For the landing page to generate more sales, the visuals must contain compelling graphics and a call-to-action that encourages visitors to take action.

Graphic design is simply a visual form of communication. This method of communication fits in with the way humans naturally process information. Human brains transmit 90 percent of the visual information to be processed. This shows that humans process pictures 60,000 times faster than text. This is why many companies use graphics as part of their marketing strategy.

Why is graphic design important in digital marketing?

Ads with the right combination of text and graphics are still effective, but ads that have a good balance between them will be more impactful. Graphic design has a psychological component. Each shape, line co,lor, font, or layout evokes a certain feeling or emotion in the audience.

This can make or break your advertising strategy. Using the right color palettes, for example, can evoke specific emotions in your audience. What does each color mean in marketing?

  • Red – strength, power, passion, danger
  • Brown – dependability, resilience, reliability, stability, dull
  • Orange – happiness, sunshine, enthusiasm, stimulation, encouragement
  • Blue – unique, authentic, warm, communicative, compassionate
  • Yellow – intellect, energy, cheerfulness
  • Green: growth, fertility, and harmony
  • Pink – gentle, feminine, tenderness
  • Purple – nobility, luxury, wealth, extravagance
  • White – innocence, purity, virginity, goodness
  • Black – elegance, formality, evil, mystery

Fonts can also evoke certain emotions. There are three types of fonts used by different brands. Font psychology is a marketing term.


Serif fonts have small lines on the edges of the letters. This font is used mostly by more traditional or established brands.

Sans Serif

The “sans” is because this type does not have any lines at the edge. This is used by more brands with a modern brand because it has a cool, sleek look.


Script fonts have a sophisticated and elegant look. Brands that are looking to market themselves with a whimsical or sleek appeal will find this font appealing.

Graphic Design Benefits in Digital Marketing

Graphic design is a vital part of digital marketing. Each design element has an effect. These experts, whether you are consulting with a branding or social media agency, will tell you that graphic design and digital advertising go hand-in-hand.

It’s important to select your visuals carefully. Here are some benefits of graphic design for digital marketing.

Brand recall

Branding consistency is vital in digital marketing. Cohesion is achieved by using the correct colors, icons, typography, and other elements when creating marketing material. Your advertisements should reflect your brand.

When you follow your corporate branding guidelines, you also create a certain image in the minds of your audience. Statistics show that when people are exposed to the same colors and graphics or other design elements of a brand a few times, they tend to remember it more.

Social media posts are a great example of how they can help elevate your brand. You can make your information go viral if you provide quality and relevant information. When your post reaches the audience, they’ll see your brand messaging, icons, and other design elements, which can help increase brand recognition.

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