Wytlabs Reviews

Additional Details

  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: San Jose, California

1. Where is the head office of Wytlabs located?

The head office of Wytlabs is located in United States.

2. How many employees does Wytlabs have?

Wytlabs has 11-50 employees.

3. What is the minimum client value of Wytlabs?

Wytlabs has a minimum client value of approximately $1000.

Wytlabs Reviews

What is the pricing of resellers/agencies?

Reseller plans offered by us are extremely flexible and start at $125/month.

This price covers the setup of your white-labeled account. It will also grant you access to the first 5 licenses (1 license equals one location).

Pricing begins to decrease in the case of volume, with the first price break starting in the 10th license.

There is no commitment for the long term, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

What is the role of support?

We will assist you, the reseller, directly. We will then support clients directly.

We will not call your customers, and they won’t be aware of our identity.

Can my account become “white-labeled”?


Your customers will not be aware of who we are. We will not contact or talk to your customers. We will support you in person, and you will support your customers.

The white-labeled application you have created can host it on a customized sub-domain that you choose. Most resellers we work with offer things.

Your logo will appear within the app on the emails you send by your company to customers.

Your customers won’t be able to identify us.

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