Black Mirrors – Why Noir is the New Black

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Gone are the days when huge frame traditional bathroom mirrors were appreciated by all. In the past few decades, interior decor themes and ideas have changed considerably. From being only comfortable and useful, we have come a long way to trendy and attractive. Noir mirrors have a way with style, elegance and marking their presence in a room which makes them a definite choice for a homeowner with uber chic preferences. That being said, let’s roll down the lane where noir mirrors have captivated the mirror very subtly yet significantly.

Take a look at the luxe bathroom and imagine the whole space without the noir mirror? Would you still be satisfied with the decor setting? Well, I guess not. When it comes to bathrooms, homeowners these days have become more practical, and they like to experiment with the accents for a unique look. Opting for a noir mirror is doing precisely that in this space.

Another example of a gorgeous noir mirror is right here for your reference. This one is important as it will help you understand the various aspects of its character. One of such factors is that such mirrors look great with dark backgrounds, but they look fabulous with light shade backgrounds too. Also, opting for complementing furniture will work wonders for the overall decor scheme.

Image Courtesy- Posey Booth

Beauty and simplicity which is functional at the same time is the right formula to design your interiors with perfection and flair. Let the noir mirrors enter your property and reflect your true personality all over the place.

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